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Hair Loss Solution from a Pill
 by: Sandra Wellman

Most people believe the only way to cure their hair loss problem is from the outside, by using a chemical treatment, shampoo or other topical treatment. These ways can work for you, but in recent medical studies the main cause of hair loss, at least 95% of the time, is either genetic and or hormonal. A hormonal by product, DHT, affects the hair follicles, making them thinner and shrink until nothing is left. Research found that balding men had increased levels of DHT in these areas.

How to solve the problem of increased DHT.

Simply, block it. Specific vitamins, minerals and herbs can block the DHT in your body. By taking these supplements orally, they block the DHT through the blood stream. The hair follicles beneath your scalp get all the nutrients they need to promote new healthy hair growth.


Biotin, part of the Vit B complex, helps with the skin condition of your scalp.

Other B vitamins, like B6, are essential for good health and hair growth.

Everyone knows Zinc helps your immume system, but it also is needed for cell division for the tissue of the hair, nails and skin.

Nettle Root blocks the 2 enzymes that produce DHT, now known to be the leading cause of hair loss.

Saw Palmetto also blocks one of the enzymes, 5 alpha-reductase, that produces DHT.

Gota Kola supports the integrity of hair growth, collagen and skin.

The oil extracted from pumpkin skins is also a natural hair loss remedy.

You can get all of the above and more in a caplet you only have to take twice per day? Yes, there is a hair loss solution from a pill! You can cure your hair loss problem from the inside out. Go to my web site to find out how:

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