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Hair Loss: Know The Cause, Know The Cure
by: Daniel Loh
Donít you envy those young men in the streets with full heads of hair? Hair has always been considered a manís crowning glory, while hair loss has been regarded as signs of ageing and unattractiveness.

So, losing hair has always been a problem for many men.

Well, it no longer has to be a problem! If you know your hair problem, you can find out the cure easily. In this article, I hope to present to you the major causes of hair loss, and the things that you should do if you have such a problem.

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Cause 1: Genetic Balding
This is seen in men and women alike, and this constitutes the majority of cases of hair loss. The most commonly used cure is treatment with 2% topical minoxidil. However, only around 30% of users show noticeable improvement, and stopping the use of the drug might result in loss of the newly grown hair. When 0.05% retinoic acid solution is added however, a higher percentage of users show moticeable improvement. Consult your doctor about using these drugs.

Cause 2: Fungal Infection
Fungal infection often causes patchy hair loss, and red scalp, scaling (dandruff) and pus is often seen. This type of infection can be easily treated with a few monthsí course of anti-fungal agents, used simultaneously with anti-fungal shampoo.

Cause 3: Major illness/surgery
After you have undergone a major illness or surgery, you might experience this type of hair loss. This type of hair loss can also follow stress or childbirth. However, such hair loss is temporary, and hair will regrow in a matter of months.

Cause 4: Drugs
There are various drugs that can cause hair loss, such as vitamin A, chemotherapy, blood thinners, and thyroid medication. However, hair will also regrow soon after the discontinuation of the drug. Alternative medication can be prescribed by the doctor if this is the cause of hair loss.

In conclusion, hair loss, though distressful, is not life threatening. Medication provided by the doctor can solve most of the problems, and in severe cases, a local injection onto the scalp will cause hair to grow back.

About the author:
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