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Hair loss causes baldness triggers and treatments
by: Michael Rad
Baldness is a problematic condition for a large majority of the male population. Find out how to effectively identify different hair loss causes and how to remove their negative effects by finding the appropriate treatment.

Hair loss causes hormonal imbalance

Hormonal problems are often known to cause hair loss issues, especially if the thyroid gland becomes overactive (or even under active). Certain hair loss products are focused on balancing your hormonal levels, and it is important to make sure that you have correctly identified the hair loss trigger before starting treatment. Other hormonal imbalances might trigger hair loss: androgens and estrogens are essential male and female hormones and their imbalance can cause multiple physical changes, including falling hair. Your hair loss product should be specifically designed to work in particular hormonal problems make sure to consult with your doctor in order to identify the causes precisely.

Drug effects on hair loss

After different illnesses or surgery procedures, hair loss is a common side effect. This might be due to the chemical composition of the drug treatments used for treating the illness. However, hair loss might also happen because of stress and anxiety related to the illness. In such cases, finding the right hair loss product or treatment should consider the triggering cause. Different drugs, like anticoagulants, chemotherapy or excessive A vitamin intakes may trigger hair loss. In accordance to the trigger, your hair loss product should aim specifically at reducing excessive hair falling while not interfering with the effect of other drugs. Your doctors should help you make a correct decision in this case. Here are the most common hair loss related diseases and conditions:

Toxic alopecia

This is a temporary infection of the scalp, caused by various diseases such as diabetes, syphilis, poor digestions and different hormonal problems. Different mineral and vitamin deficiencies may also lead to male hair loss through alopecia. This is especially true for the A vitamin deficiency. The infectious disease can last up to four months and is one of the most brutal and severe hair loss problems.

Male hair loss and scarring alopecia

A variation of the above mentioned disease, scarring occurs after the scalp tissue becomes inflamed and begins to decompose. Various causes may lead to scarring alopecia: physical trauma, injuries, burns, prolonged x-ray exposure. Other causes might be of infectious nature: deep ulcers, sarcoidosis, syphilis, or tuberculosis, cutaneous lupus erythematosus, lichen planus, chronic deep bacterial or fungal infections. Male hair loss through scarring alopecia is severe ad re-growth is usually not expected without medical intervention.

Alopecia areata - another male hair loss problem

This form of infection is also known to have rapid effects and produce sudden male hair loss. Although less severe than the infections mentioned previously, alopecia areata is still a problem some men have to face. The number of patients affected by it is very low and treatment is sometimes unnecessary, since the hair re-growth process starts on its own.


This is not a physical hair loss condition, but rather a psychologically induced one. It is a habit of pulling out hair and is often left undiagnosed. Although it starts during childhood, the condition often continues to adulthood, becoming one of the male hair loss problems.

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