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What is the Cause Hair Loss?
by: Mike Fort
There are many people who suffer from hair loss. I'm not just talking about men either. Hair loss can occur in women, teenagers, and even children. Lets take a look at what causes hair loss in people.

We often here about the usual types of hair loss such as female pattern baldness, male pattern baldness, and even alopecia areata in teenagers and children. We will be looking at some other issues that may cause hair loss besides those ones.

The first thing to get out of the way is that all people shed hair. About 10% of our hair is resting at any given time. It is perfectly natural to lose some hair. Its the excessive loss of hair that makes us worry.

Just because you are losing lots of hair doesn't mean its gone forever. If you have had any sort of illness or surgery you may start to lose excessive amounts of hair. This could be because of some medications or it could even be stress from being sick.

A fairly common problem with hair loss is hormones problems. This can often be cured with the right medication. Usually what happens is your hormones become imbalanced. This is common in both men and women.

Women will often have some sort of hair loss during or after pregnancy. This to is also hormone related. This isn't something to worry about to much as this should grow back.

An issue for women can be how they wear there hair and take care of it. Its possible that perms can damage your hair and cause permanent hair loss. If a women wears her hair in some sort of a tight fashion, this to could cause permanent hair loss.

These are just some of the more usual facts about the cause of hair loss. As you can see you may have some control over the loss of your hair and in many cases it may grow back.

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