What People Actually Want to Avoid (It’s Not Marketing and Selling)

What People Actually Want to Avoid (It’s Not Marketing and Selling)

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  1. Thanks for the great info! I’m always telling people to focus on the people who really want what they’re selling, which is why unsubscribers aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Thanks for giving me some ammo in my arguments in favor of unsubscribers.

  2. This is so true. Whenever I see I got an unsubscribe from my emails, I think “well, at least I won’t be bothering that person anymore!” Plus, I save a few cents on my ConvertKit account. 😀

    Content marketing is and will continue to be a tool for developing relationships with prospects. Unfortunately, that makes it hard to track its effectiveness, but as it always happens, if you think long-term, you will reap the benefits.

    • When you trust the people on your list, it saves time and energy you might waste thinking you did something wrong, or worse — changing your content to please the type of person who left.

      There’s always room for improvement but that usually comes in the form of getting more clear about who you’re selling to and helping those people.

  3. Wow, you kinda blew my mind, Stefanie. I’ve struggled writing my blogs and posts, trying to balance my sales pitch with content. I think I can take the chains off a little and direct my conversations to those interested in what I’m writing about.

  4. This was AWESOME and something I really needed to hear right now, I think as bloggers and writers we can get caught up in the “numbers? game. How many people engage in our feed, quantity over quality. I am still building my site AND I also offer services and I find once I make the personal connection, I have a sale. They aren’t the numbers that make advertisers woo ~ but I feel really good about building a solid business.

    • As much as we’ve all heard “quality over quantity,” it’s still so easy to forget the power of “quality.”

      The allure of “quantity” is that strong — even though it pushes you further away from the meaningful content that actually contributes to your bottom line.

  5. Hey Stafanie, Great piece of content. Very true on how relevant your content should be to the audience. Especially when it comes to small business marketing

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