How to Turn One Content Idea into a Fascinating Four-Part Series

How to Turn One Content Idea into a Fascinating Four-Part Series

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  1. Hello Stefanie. Thank you for t a simple yet effective outline on building anticipation. I will be experimenting with “How to calm your monkey mind (and 10x your clarity with only 5 minutes a day)”

  2. Hi Stefanie,

    I was looking to create content like this on my blog but wasn’t sure how to lay it out. This definitely gives me some ideas and will use it as a template for some of my future posts.


  3. Great read Stefanie! I have read a lots of these type of articles before, where they beautifully create a buildup for the next episode and you actually look forward to it and now I know how they actually do it. Many thanks!

  4. Hello Stefanie,

    Very informative post shared by your side 🙂

    This simple tactics can rocket sky our simple blog post and it can attract more and more traffic to our blogs.
    The curiosity should never die among us. It what helps us to keep our readers attracted to us. They will only stuck to
    us, if they find something useful and meaningful information along with our writings.

    Thanks for the share.


  5. Hi Stefanie,

    Preparing multiple pieces of content is helpful. We should be prepared for future.

    Building anticipation works as it generates curiosity.

    Building trust is bigger than tactics as trust lives forever.

    I will be experimenting with “How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Fat”.

    I will tweet your post.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  6. Great post, Stefanie. I am working on a series right now for my blog so I can be away for a couple of weeks doing other things. Your info is spot on! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Very interesting read Stephanie and something that I have been thinking about for a while. This post is certainly an inspiration for me to complete this task. Many thanks for sharing. Keith

  8. Hey there! I really appreciate the idea on planning for being away, or even just writing a series and being set for the week.

    Thanks for the article!

  9. This is interesting. The internet I know hates to wait for anything. Are you sure that this won’t just frustrate an audience that just wants a recipe for a natural jam with less sugar and can find one in a hundred other places?

    • That’s a great question, thanks for asking it.

      Depending on the topic, the person whose needs can be meet with content they can find in a hundred other places has a very low likelihood of ever becoming a customer or client.

      You can try to compete with those other 100 sites and monetize your site with ads (very hard) or you can find the smaller number of of potential customers who want something more in-depth, and create long-term commercial relationships.

      These days on Copyblogger we don’t write much about creating content to generate massive anonymous traffic, we write about creating content to support a business with an engaged audience. Fewer people, tighter relationship.

      See also Brian’s post from early this year:

  10. I always feel this silly need to cram everything into a single post in case people don’t come back for the rest. But I actually used to run three-part fiction serials, spreading a story across three weeks instead of expecting someone to sit and read a short story in one sitting! Might have to try that again…

    • Sounds like a cool experiment!

      You can see what people prefer and go from there …

      I’ve never published a fiction series versus start-to-finish fiction posts, so I’m curious to see how it goes!

      And I definitely understand wanting to cram everything into one post — and sometimes that’s really the best choice (for nonfiction too)!

      The option of posting a series can be quite freeing, though, and help spark new creative ideas. 🙂

  11. Creating a series of articles is a brilliant idea as it takes away a lot of the anguish that can be around when trying to brainstorm new ideas all of the time. I can see some huge benefits in terms of pulling visitors back to the site in anticipation of the next installment. From my perspective the biggest issue would be coming up with a big enough idea that could then be fleshed out into your suggested components. Thanks for the concept and the installment ideas.

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