Prove It! 6 Persuasive Techniques for Making the Sale

Prove It! 6 Persuasive Techniques for Making the Sale

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  1. Beth, great points on the power of proof in copywriting. Testimonials and case studies are great for proof. Visuals can help prove your point and support your writing.

  2. Good point Beth about your testimonials needing to do more than “just singing your praises and talking about how awesome you are”. As you mentioned, specifics like numbers and results are essential.

    The big problem I see with a lot of testimonials is that they’re not believable. How does the audience know that this person REALLY said that about your business? Including the testimonial-giver’s photo, full name, title and/or location helps a lot. But for even more credibility, third-party verification can’t be beat (ie. using an embedded tweet as a testimonial, ShopperApproved reviews etc).

  3. Great tips Beth. Case studies (testimonials) are the crucial part of any sales page, as people definitely want to identify themselves with someone who already done it and done it successfully. The visual representation is also important, we all accept information better with the image on the page.

  4. Hi Beth,
    This list really targets all approaches needed for a sale. I’ve found that some people are more data driven and need those case studies and research summaries, while others might make decisions based on instinct – from what they read online or hear on the news.

  5. I find case studies to be really effective, especially when they’re from people that your prospects can really relate to. If they see someone just like them getting results, it gives a lot more credibility. As Dustin mentioned in a comment above, nobody really cares about how amazing you are, they care about the results you can get for them. So having a testimonial/case study from a range of different customers really helps in my experience.

  6. Hey Beth,

    I totally agree with you. People need more proofs.

    Showing what you have done through your products is helpful. Testimonials can help. People sharing their experience with your products build more trust.

    The case study and telling the story how you helped them is a plus point.
    The customers look upon the trust factor before using any product.

    Thanks for bringing this up.

  7. Beth
    Greetings! What a wonderful article. It is so well organized and well knitted that it was a pleasure reading it. The techniques you have discussed are always the core strategy of any business selling their brand/product in the market. Like one of the readers said above, successful businesses keep evolving and upgrading their techniques. Your article has made its point very clearly; If you want to sell, then you need to break away from the traditions and keep on doing something new to convince the buyer that you are the best. Keep up the good work!

  8. It was great to read this post. I come accross to this type of people almost everyday. I improved a way of my own to convince them. Yet I think I will approach the issue more professionally after reading this great post. Thank you.

  9. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Beth, loved the article. Especially testimonials, visual representations, and social shares. I indeed am going to implement more of these. Thank you so much!

  10. Great article! I especially agree with testimonials and press coverage. Testimonials are great at encouraging others and press coverage gives you amazing credibility.

  11. Hi

    Thanks for a very informative article. The majority who commented here is opting for Testimonial as the best option, YES, it may or more transparently I can say it varies and it all depends on what we targeting and to whom as well. Case studies nowadays playing a major to get more leads and as well as huge traffic boost and I feel testimonials are just a part of white hat link building technique.

  12. I didn’t want to read this post because I knew it would point out one of the biggest flaws in my own sales pages.

    I’m writing “Prove It” down on my desk and hopefully I’ll think about providing proof and examples as I write going forward.


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