Struggling to Write for Technical Experts? Try These 3 Powerful Content Marketing Practices

Struggling to Write for Technical Experts? Try These 3 Powerful Content Marketing Practices

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  1. One thing that I’ve found invaluable when interviewing technical subject matter experts over the years is to record the call and then have a transcript done. I let the expert know right up front and it’s never been a problem. This not only allows you as the interviewer to focus on the conversation at hand, but later when you get down to the job of actually writing, having a transcript allows you to pull exact phrases, becomes a good source of pull quotes and most importantly. write using the voice of your intended audience.

  2. Time to recall a motto of legendary tech copy copywriter Bob Bly: “Specificity sells.”

  3. Definitely, it’s hard for a non-prof to interview such expert most especially when the person interviewed is quite intimidating. So what’s on the interviewer’s head is to make good impressions on the questions asked, but sometimes interviewer becomes too anxious for that. It’s right to inform the interviewee about the unfamiliarity of the topics.

  4. Kyle,

    Great blog! In decades of working with engineers, here’s a trick I learned.

    Engineers think in numbers and pictures. Bring your notebook to your interviews, and ask engineers to sketch pictures in it as you go along. Have them walk you through the pictures step by step.

    This practice helps you understand really complex topics so you can draw a picture and explain it to someone else. It also speeds the process of creating and finding relevant visuals to go along with your easy-to-read copy.

  5. Hey Kyle

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  6. As mentioned in the article, technically trained people often enjoy talking about their fields, especially if the interviewer can “keep up” in the conversation. To win the expert’s confidence, prepare for the interview by doing your homework and preparing a few specific questions. The expert is likely to be impressed and give you more information.

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