How to Get Your Writing on the Road to Being Read and Spread

How to Get Your Writing on the Road to Being Read and Spread

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  1. Super interesting article; so simple, but so hard to do!

    Such an important strategy every writer should use, but missed really often – I’ve personally never thought like this, but it agitates me to publish an article with any sentence I’m not 100% happy with. I’ll definitely have to consciously think about this when editing in my future writing.

    Thanks Rob

  2. Hey Robert,

    WOW, this is teaching and giving example at the same time, sentence by sentence, line by line. I heard about the line-by-line chain-reaction in the reader’s mind before, but you’re in your own league of telling and showing it! Definitely encourages my sentences to “join hands” more often, thanks!

  3. Excellent advice, Robert. Thanks.

    Creative writers would do well to heed this. I just read a book that didn’t engage my interest until the second half. Many times I was tempted to put it away. If the author had used your approach from the first page, I’d have awarded it five stars instead of three.

  4. Hey Robert,

    Your teachings can be easily seen in your practice.
    A really simple but a very effective strategy put together with simple and clear thought set.

  5. Thanks for including David Ogilvy among the immortals. He is. He believed in copy that was backed up by proven principles. And his “rules” were merely tools to guide effective advertising in all its forms. David was a strong proponent of direct marketing and measurement, coining the phrase (at least within Ogilvy) “We sell, or else.” Proud of have worked in the house that David built for 17 1/2 years.

  6. Informative and encouraging, thanks for sharing.. I’m in agreement and BELIEVING –

  7. Hey,

    Thanks for the great post.

    I am also working on it. Your post defines your knowledge in that niche.

    And that helps you to increase your blog traffic.

    Thanks again

  8. One of my sons–a GM over several chain restaurants you’d know if I mentioned–was faced with a high-end competitor moving in to his neighborhood.

    He had worked for that chain before moving over to his new employer.

    “How are you going to compete with them?” I wanted to know.

    Looking me straight in the eye, he replied, “Continue to be fucking awesome to the customer in front of us and just as fucking awesome to the next.”

    That about sums it up. I try to write, love, and live with that same fire in my eye. The world would definitely be a better place if others tried.

  9. Great information! I have been trying to learn to get better at copywriting and although I think I am somewhat of a good writer, I do find it hard to create compelling content that engages, at the beginning.

    I am going to try this strategy out today and see how I go, thanks so much for the tips.

  10. Learning from experts is always a great pleasure. I would say this is the ultimate post for everyone who wants to get started with niche blogging. Really like the way you crafted this article along with suggestions from experts.

    The best part of this article is “Every sentence you write should make them want to read the next sentence you write”. This can be easily seen in your practice. I can’t Stop myself to stop reading your content till the end.

  11. Hey Robert,

    Big, sweeping ideas for writing that gets read and shared are great.

    And the technical details for accomplishing that are ultra-important.

    But neither beats gun-to-the-head orders like “Write well. Line by line.”

    I thought of this while reading “Big Law: A Novel” last month. Yes, the plot’s exciting, story moves quick, it’s full of short sentences, active voice, etc.

    The thing that struck me, however, was the quality of the sentences. I’d say 80% of them were good or VERY good. Picture sentences… just vivid enough to “show.”

    As for the 20% of lines that were superfluous or downright clunkers? So what. I’d take a 4/1 good to bad ratio any day for my writing!

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