Your Step-by-Step Email Marketing Strategy Guide [Free Checklist]

Your Step-by-Step Email Marketing Strategy Guide [Free Checklist]

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  1. Email is the golden goose. You need to preserve it, use it diligently and pamper it. When I started, I tried collecting email using feedburner. Although it is a good free service, the automation and scalability provided by ESP blows my mind.

    I am using MailChimp now. I am happy.

    Seth Godin recently said, most of MailChimp mails land on promotion folder in Gmail. I am happy as long as it doesn’t land in spam folder.

    I have created my list with double opt-in form. This had ensured me to have users who are willing to get my mails. A clear unsubscribe button does the magic for anyone who needs to opt out ANYTIME…

    Email incentives do work. It did when I shared a free report in exchange of email. However I am trying to get super qualified leads with no incentives.

    Most of the times when we offer an incentive, some users only want the incentive and no articles.

    Incentive systems works best when a user can decide how much frequently and which topics emails he/she should receive. Else it is a bit dicey for me as of now.

    Guest post is the ultimatum in building your email list. Even better when the topics are targeted in similar niche.

    When increasing number of visitors and their content consumption, large websites constantly needs guest posts to fill that gap.

    We just need to pitch in the proper way and do most of the work upfront to land one. Email lists grows second fastest this way. The fastest way is successful GIVEAWAY’s.

    Auto responders are magical and sending relevant mails at fixed frequency enhances trusts and likelihood of mail being opened.

    Many sales happens at auto responder’s level.

    One page. One call to action. When we make our readers habituated to take action, it becomes easier down the road to keep making informed actions which help both – the creator and the readers mutually.

    Persistence is the key to success, without it nothing is achievable even with talent.

    Once the readers grow and we need to segment, create awesome copywriting and make sales, we need a team. There should be levelling up.

    The investment in email is the best investment ever…

    To sum up…

    The email strategy should be to create awesome content, create awesome product and deliver it to readers.

    Rinse. Repeat.
    Rinse. Repeat.


    Rinse. Repeat.

    Loved your post. Stay awesome buddy.

    • Hahn! Rohan Bhardwaj!!

      You nailed “Golden Goose” Now I can’t add more words to leave a comment with summary of this blog post!

      You are good 😉

  2. Hi, Rohan! Thanks for stopping by!

    I totally agree with you about email being the “Golden Goose” – I know it has completely transformed my business!

    I disagree with you about giving away free incentives, though. I’m sure there are people that sign up just to get the free gift (and then opt out), but many people will stay as long as you’re sending out good content after the initial sign up. I think the net gain of giving away an incentive is really high, so I recommend it for pretty much all businesses.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful comment!

  3. I run a health blog. I use MailChimp. I get 3-5 email subscriptions per day, but when I reach out to them with a new article or other stories, the opening and link clicking rate is quite less than industry.

    They are incredibly useful articles and there is no selling involved. Where am I missing out?

    • Hi, Shefaali –

      You might want to take a look at your subject lines, and see if you can improve them. That could be contributing to a low open rate.

      Also, it might be time to do some list cleanup, if you’ve had people on your list for a long time who haven’t opened your emails. We’ve got a wide range of opinions here at CB about list cleanup, but I’m a fan of it, and have done it for my list.

      Good luck!

  4. Hey beth,
    This is a fantastic post and there is a great amount of value here! I really like how you go step by step!

    I find it surprising still how many emails I get that don’t adhere to email laws. The sender either doesn’t have the address or an option for unsubscribe and these are from apparent “legitimate website owners”

    People looking to do business through email should keep on top of this and make sure they are doing things properly. Anyway, a fantastic post I am going to check out your case study!

    Have a great day!

    Shaun 🙂

  5. Thanks, Shaun! I appreciate you stopping by!

    And yes, I agree – there are a lot of marketers either don’t know they’re breaking SPAM laws, or don’t care. Either way, it drives me nuts. My kingdom for an unsubscribe button!

  6. This might sound a little crazy but I have never had much success through email. I think email works well when selling a product (for instance my t-shirt line always has great sales through email), but not so much when selling a service.

    Both my companies have gotten much better success by building social communities in which we interact with, and using them to network and meet potential clients.

    Honestly, I would choose that over collecting email addresses and hoping people open them every time.

    I am more than open to suggestions if you think I am missing something. 🙂

    • Hi Tim – I think email marketing is actually one of the BEST ways to market services, because it’s such a great tool for relationship building. But it does depend a lot on your audience — so if social communities are working better for you, then do that!

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