Don’t Get Flattened on the Attention Superhighway

Don’t Get Flattened on the Attention Superhighway

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  1. Thanks for sharing!

    What you are describing is pretty much the same experience I have made. Hard trurth: Doing it wrong and hit myself into the face, over and over again.

    As you said, customers are looking for a connection. I found out over the last month, that this connection can be made through a clear vision by myself.

    I encourage everyone I meet to have a crystal clear vision about what they want to change in the world.

    This type of thinking includes problem-solving thinking, but it goes one step further: It paints a nice and beautiful future if your customers are following you.

    At the moment I call it “Vision-Marketing” oder “Sustainable Marketing” – Vision first. Money follows. Don’t know, which one I will pick as a name 😉

    Thanks for your article 🙂

  2. Hey Sonia,

    Driving the traffic is the biggest problem for many bloggers.

    I like the persuasion formula. AIDA can help to craft a content which can allure more people.

    Embedding the catchy headlines in between is a plus point.

    Human eye is more reflective to the visual content. Images would be do the best.

    Thanks for sharing the guide.

  3. Hi Sonia,
    As I am new in copy writing I found this really helpful as it lets me know that the to have a traffic in my site is not my main goal but on how to attract, create a relationship and how to sustain it.
    It is a pretty challenging as the taste of people is constantly changing, but with the following guides I am be able to know on where should I start.

    Thank you,

    • Anyone can get as much traffic as they can pay for. But if you don’t have a well-structured path to purchase, and excellent mechanisms for capturing attention as it flies past, traffic on its own doesn’t mean much.

  4. When we talk about content marketing strategy, it’s amazing how often people think that means: Can I Haz Moar Peoples!!! (English translation: How can I get more traffic to my site?) That’s not new — the quest for eyeballs is as old as online business. And it does matter. It’s important to have a critical

  5. I loved your article, it describes exactly what strangles me, which I try to learn, but the path is slow. But it’s been worse.

    Thanks for the great article.

  6. Hi Sonia,

    If I take every point you make (BTW – each one is excellent) and put them in the Know – Like – Trust model I can use them to build a long-term relationship with my customer.

    You’ve given me a practical two-way “Sonia Path? I can remember. (To read this, use each underlined letter. They tie to your ECUOOBCAMEISD.)


    Know – Measure me up to see if I am a Useful Connection.

    Like – I like your Case and share your Beliefs, especially your Empathy. Your Offer overcomes my Objections. Let’s Engage.

    Trust – Ask and I will Deliver on each of your Iterations to Sustain this relationship.

    In short . . . Your MUCK shows me you’re a COOL BEE. DAT IS it.
    I added the K-L-T letters to the “In short…? phrase.

    Have you thought of using this to create a new paradigm to replace crosswords? This was fun. Perhaps a quiz?

  7. Hey Sonia,

    Great points! I love that you’ve highlighted being useful. That’s such a great way to measure the difference between noise and valuable content.

    Recently my challenges have been around addressing pain points in my copy and the way you’ve put it, Empathy, has given me a new perspective on it. It’s more about understanding than classic fear tactics.

    Thanks so much!

    • Sonia – Thanks for this. It’s so easy for folks to be obsessed with traffic that they forget about forging the human connection with their audience. Empathy indeed.

      Also, I love that you started with the traditional sales mantra of AIDA — which I first learned from Alec Baldwin’s iconic monologue in Glengarry Glenn Ross.

  8. I definitely had to massage a few things to come up with a decent acronym. So, how would you tweak it?

    Sounds perfectly genius to me, Sonia.

    In fact, rather Einsteinian.

    Instead of MC-squared, you’ve got E-cubed. A big E with a superscripted 3.

    And shouldn’t E be the focus point, in any case? Empathy to the third power.

  9. Great article,

    What moved me most is your quote:

    “If all you do is stand on the Information Superhighway trying to flag people down, you’re going to get flattened”

    and that has been what has made a lot of people throw in the towel. Because most people are following what they constantly hear: “Get traffic ! Get Traffic!! Get Traffic and you will make money!”

    They have forgotten value delivery and solution provision.

    To me, I believe it is only someone who does not know what he or she wants that will fall for that kind of marketing.

    I may be wrong, but my belief is that value delivery is what metamorphosizes into interest, which in turn creates trust and love.

    Without this steps, it will be hard for any transaction to take place.

    This is an eye opener for all marketers. Thank you for this great content.

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