7 Golden Rules for Hosting Webinars that Engage and Convert

7 Golden Rules for Hosting Webinars that Engage and Convert

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  1. Good pic 🙂
    Very nice post. The last one is sooo important – I found myself so many times in situation when some podcast/presentation was only in format X where I needed different one + always remember about transcriptions – sometimes you can’t watch the video but you can read transcriptions or just listen to mp3.

  2. Hi Jerod–
    Thank you for sharing this great information. Although I’ve attended many webinars, I haven’t hosted my own yet. It is on the near horizon, so this I appreciate the insight!
    Thank you!

  3. I totally agree with your article when it comes to most webinars.They carry on typically for far too long and it’s hard to stay focused at least for me anyways. I like how you addressed the need to create the highest quality, most audience-focused webinar possible. That key being to keep people engaged. Thanks for your insights!

  4. Hey Jerod!

    I haven’t done a live webinar myself, just yet. BUt I have recorded many video tutorials where I address my subscribers. I guess that is almost like a webinar (maybe not, who knows). Anyway, I agree with all of your tips here, I think each point you have addressed here is very important.

    From the quality of your audio to the formats in what you should deliver the content to your audience.

    I’m not expert with webinards, but there are too many on the web (you’ve said it), and I’m always learning from them. I think not being boring (being memorable), and somewhat entertaining, will help you keep your vieweres engaged til the end.

    I would also say that learnign more about human psychology would really help with webinars!

    These are very helpful tips! thank you for sharing!

    Cheers! 😀

  5. Running an online business in a pretty competitive niche made me to check for any info related to developing my company, and this way I found many “experts” that were pretending to hold the key of the online success.
    I signed-up for their newsletter and online courses/webinars, and today I receive ten to fifteen emails from them with new webinars, secret strategies and so on.

    For a while, I have participated to many webinars. but because almost all have ended with product sales, I realized that their main purpose is to sell the products and make money this way.

    Nowadays, I still receive emails from them, but 90% of the them are sent directly to the trash.

  6. Yeah! I’ve attended webinars and my company is asking me to host a webinars for our members. Thanks for these essential points. Though the webinar’s agenda is to discuss and tell the current trend but I will try to put some ever green and forever working strategies. While testing, I didn’t get good audio quality. Does this depends on attendees’ internet connection?

    • It can. If attendees have a poor internet connection, then no matter how good your source audio is, they may not be able to hear it clearly. And there is nothing you can do about that.

  7. Your 3 key points remark is gold! In my blog posts and pitches I try to keep everything to 3 main points to maximize effect.

    And I run a digital marketing company and we’re thinking about expanding our funnel process by adding a webinar. I’ll definitely bookmark this post and show my partner when we put it together.

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