You Need Both of These Skill Sets to Keep Your Audience Coming Back for More

You Need Both of These Skill Sets to Keep Your Audience Coming Back for More

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  1. Hey Will!

    You have to become a master of your craft. No doubt about it.

    And for you to do that. you have to be passionate about what you are doing. It is a requirement – because you cannot master something you are not very passionate about. That is just the way the cookie crumbles around here! 😉

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Best regards! 😀

    • Hey there, Freddy!

      I absolutely agree that passion is a pivotal part of one mastering his/her own craft. Thank you for reading the article. I am glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. I totally agree with this article that you need to have at least basic SEO and design skills when doing content marketing strategy. I’m an article writer and I started studying SEO for a while now, and I realized that one of the most important things to do when you have a blog on your site is to make it web-responsive so it can render on all devices, especially nowadays that people used their smartphones more than their PCs and laptops. Even if you have a great content on your blog or site, if it’s not optimized for responsive web design, then you just wasted half of your chance of getting visitors and readers.

    • You are spot on, Lucy! In order to run a successful blog, it’s super important to have a responsive site that looks appealing across all devices. And if you don’t, you’re simply wasting effort and time. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. Hi Will,

    It is true that a balance of technique and artistry is necessary. The analogy of a tasty dish presented beautifully is a good one. But a writer being primarily a creative soul would be inclined naturally to focus more on the content and different topics and their details rather than the technical aspects. He needs to guard against this tendency and stay updated with the techniques available and how to use them.

    If a writer finds it diffcult to master the techniques due to lack of time or otherwise, he can get help from friends or hire someone to take care of the technical stuff. Whatever way he chooses, he must balance technique with artistry. For a writer such articles or tutorials are very useful that explain the technologies and tools in a simple manner.

    Your article does a good job of bringing out the importance of a balance between the two aspects of a good, successful blog.


    • Hey Naveen!

      Thank you for the kind words regarding the post. I am glad you were able to take something away from it. 🙂

  4. Awesome. Since I’m not a designer I always try to create relevant and “tasty” content. Once I have the “perfect” content, I send my content along with ideas to my graphic’s guy. I don’t think I’m able to handle both aspects but I was able to find a partner that complements my lack of creativity. I love your analogy and now I’m hungry 🙂

    • Hey – finding a true partner whose strengths help lift up your true weaknesses is absolutely okay! In fact, for my personal site, I too have partnered with a graphic designer who has helped take my brand to new heights. 🙂 I hope the analogy didn’t make you too hungry. It should have a disclaimer near the top saying, “Caution: Do not read on an empty stomach.” 😉

  5. That’s a fascinating analogy! I’m a writer but I love tech so learning about the SEO and design side of things was a lot of fun – and I think that’s something else that you need. You need to ENJOY what you’re doing!

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