5 Writing Techniques that Stir Your Audience to Action

5 Writing Techniques that Stir Your Audience to Action

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  1. Hey Brian,

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful facts.

    A keen content marketer and passionate writer always seek for such useful guidelines that can give a story as well as life to their writings. These tips will definitely of great help to create a Win-Win post and keep readers glued to it.


  2. Hey Brian,

    The last part of reciprocity by giving something of value freely and your audience will do the same in return has been taught to many of us.

    But the question is how?

    As far as blogging, you laid out some great tips on how to draw your audience in. It’s all a process, adding one thing on top of the other to the point of where they’ll be more motivated to go to the next step whether it being subscribing or purchasing something.

    Great post! Have a great weekend!

  3. Great post, Brian. 😛

    “your audience will naturally choose to emulate you in certain ways, or even desire to be like you.”
    It’s all good until some bloggers take the emulation process a bit too far and forget about their target audience.

  4. Hey Brian, You have written great post about stirring content, most bloggers dont focus on stirring content and they take it very lightly. As blogging part part you laid out great points here which describes how sticky content can beneficial for your blog and you can win your audience trust by keeping them glue to your content.

    These great tips will definitely of great help to create a Win-Win post and make lot of money with your content.

  5. Brian I get what you are saying. I will relook at our blog. The challenge is how do you make every article intriguing enough for your audience to want to read. With some topics there is only so much you can say.

  6. Another great post Brian, I like the power of Story telling tactic’s – “message that corresponds with our existing beliefs” can be well illustrated by “Once upon a time” the words which every individual relates to their childhood memories.

  7. Some good tips here, i’ve found that the best blogs that keep me going until the end weave a story in the post somewhere. Going to have to try it more with my own blogs.

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