The Best Place to Consistently Find Winning Content Ideas

The Best Place to Consistently Find Winning Content Ideas

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  1. Hello Stefanie,

    Finding content ideas is a great challenge for me when I started my blogging journey. However I am using quora to find out some awesome and most demanding content making ideas which I think, I can deliver something great to my audience. I will also going to try out the tips you have mentioned here. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

    have a great day 🙂

  2. Hey,

    Producing high quality and relevant content can really be a challenging task sometimes. The best way to find content ideas is to visiting niche related forums and researching what are people looking for and fixing their problems by delivering high-quality content.

    Thank you for sharing this interesting article, it really shared a lot of ideas on content creation.

  3. Stefanie–I love your point that your competitors don’t have access to your audience. At the heart of blogging is building your relationship with your audience by showing up at the digital page on a regular basis. Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen – Actionable Marketing Guide

  4. Thank you, Stefanie, for sharing this super post! Your insights have inspired me and answered my questions about setting in place an editorial calendar. I just began my blog in February of this year. Now that I’m beginning to know what I’m doing (!), I want to strategize for a strong new year. As 2018 approaches more swiftly than I care for, I am facing it now with more clarity–and a plan! Again, thanks so much!

  5. Stefanie,

    I am writing on my first forthcoming book on tea and the working title is: Tea Book Sketches – Ideas And Notions About The Second Most Popular Beverage In The World. I have registered the domain,, and I am in the process of coming up with a bunch of blog posts and pages for the site. Your post gave me a meta idea for my blog! I will link to your post in one of my first posts on the new site. One idea of recurring sketches could be a wrap-up post in the middle of the week (blog “mid” roll) with shout outs to fellow bloggers and authors, with links to related posts on writing, self-publishing, tea, etc.

    Btw: Do you drink tea at the Rainmaker HQ? 😉

    All the Best,


  6. An exceptional article with lots of great information and advice. I write my own video based blog and this has given me some excellent ideas.

  7. Hey , Stefanie thank you for this article. As a beginner in blogging i usually get stuck in finding a topic to write about. Also one point you mentioned is very helpful to me. I studied law for a long time and i was used to write long legal essays , presentations .So when i started blogging also i wanted my articles to be perfect as my legal essays which i prepared for moots and other legal competitions. And that slows me a lot. Now you have pointed out that, its just a blog post not an encyclopedia article. It doesn’t have to be picture perfect. All i have to do is understand my audience and write contend for them.
    Thanks for that advice.

  8. Great post – I find that if I don’t capture an idea right away it’s gone, so I’ve been storing little ideas from podcasts and then once a week reviewing them. Sometimes it’s just one idea that can turn into multiple posts.

  9. Great post! Really resonates with me as someone who struggles often with the “hold it until it’s perfect” mentality. Sometimes it is just a blog post and you just gotta get it out there and see what happens. Appreciate the article!

  10. I tend to contemplate on my content for a long time and end up not posting any of it. Really helpful article! Thanks!

  11. I found one thing you said to constantly be the best source of new content ideas.

    “What does my target audience need help with?”

    If I can understand my target audience, I’ll know where their struggles are. If I know where their struggles are, I know what to write about. Thanks for sharing, Stefanie.

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