3 Content Marketing Myths and Their Reality-Based Solutions

3 Content Marketing Myths and Their Reality-Based Solutions

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  1. Hi Sonia, thanks for this recap, these articles were as it just fallen from the sky. I had the same thoughts several times, mostly “I wish the day had like 30 hours…” but at the end everything comes down to preparation + inspiration. We can get all the data of the world and still this won’t assure perfect article – it may be relevant, but that also won’t attract readers.
    Google is just another tool to find consistent niche; SEO only helps you to gain visibility. Good writing is not ONLY driven by data, but human touch and experiences.

  2. Totally digging the time and writing article. I do a pretty good job making time to write daily. No way around it; we have 24 hours. We choose how to spend it.

    I’d add that getting away from the laptop for meditation, yoga, exercise and Netflix sure helps me churn out content persistently. Like a machine sometimes. I rarely ask for the 25th hour writing-wise because I use my 8-10 hours of work daily fairly well.


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