Take Courage: Get Some Entrepreneurial Bravery This Week on Copyblogger

Take Courage: Get Some Entrepreneurial Bravery This Week on Copyblogger

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  1. “…I realized how much of business comes down to ‘putting one foot in front of the other’.” Yes! I’m discovering this myself as a beginning freelance writer. It’s so easy to get discouraged when you don’t see results right away. But you just have to continue plodding on. It’s all about actually starting and sticking with it. Thanks for the reminder that I’m not the only one navigating unfamiliar waters.

    • “It’s all about actually starting and sticking with it” — so much this. Frustration and discouragement are going to show up, and you have to manage them and figure out that path forward. We’re cheering for you!

  2. Sometimes, business is like kedging. You throw an anchor up ahead of you, you pull the line until the boat reaches the anchor, you throw the anchor a little farther ahead, you pull again, and you just keep repeating that sequence until a better way to move the boat comes along.

  3. I Don’t know if what i am doing is right? I Working on blog and even started to test some niche keyword sites. I am not getting anywhere. But when i read someone’s income report they share. It’s like i m recharged with full of stamina and “inspired by challenge”

    • You’re not getting anywhere, but you’re trying to write a blog telling others how to make money blogging.

      You have to teach something you actually know, and you have to write about it in a way that people want to read.

      Significant revenue comes when you can build a business that genuinely helps people.

      • Actually I am Trying to Learn and Share. Well i was trying something. But now its kinda feels wrong. I did many time and end is the same. we stuck, we delete, recreate

        • You need to figure out why a reader would choose you to learn more about that, versus, let’s say, Problogger.

          Have you considered writing in your native language?

          • Yeah I thought about it. Well I’m an Indian. and 70% people from Indian Social Network read mostly in English and 30% just don’t care what is happening outside their Facebook Profile. 😛

  4. Your experience will make you write the quality content. You need to write something that you know very well, with this you can simply write more than 4pages without any stress.
    But if you don’t have understanding of something you won’t know what to write and you will end up losing your audience to another blog

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