The Secret to Powerful Products that Sell: Meet Tara Gentile, Creator of ‘Quiet Power’

The Secret to Powerful Products that Sell: Meet Tara Gentile, Creator of ‘Quiet Power’

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  1. There are 3 positions to take: 1. You are the expert. 2. As Brian says, you are learning with them but are a few steps ahead. 3. You are a novice and exploring the subject and invite them to explore along with you and learn together. These were first articulated to me by Nick Usborne. In copywriting I take #1 and in Internet info marketing I tend toward #2.

    • Tara delves into that question in some interesting ways in the interview with Brian. And of course we’ve talked about it a lot on Copyblogger.

      The way I usually frame it is: authority comes from your ability to help your audience. The specific positioning you may have an an expert — the “flavor” of expert you are — will flow from that.

      So to take you as an example, Bob, not only are you certainly a #1-level expert, but you’re also a #1-level authority (in the marketing sense that we use here) because you’ve done so much copywriting teaching. In other words, not only can you do it at an expert level, but you’ve also shown that you can help others as well.

    • I agree, Tara may push me over the edge to go although timing may be tricky. We shall see, either way, thank you for sharing Tara!

      • I have personally worked with Tara on a video shoot in Astoria Oregon and I can attest for her being the real deal. While on set filming, I had the opportunity to listen to her 2 hour presentation on the Quiet Power Strategy and it was great information! If you ever have a chance to see Tara live I highly recommend it!

  2. Worst Idea for blogging: Calling yourself an expert even though you know you’re not.
    Seriously, nothing gets to my nerves as deep as people who call themselves experts and excell in proving to you that they’re not.
    I’d rather keep learning and improving my skills and helping people who want to go through what I’m going through, no need to proclaim myself as a guru….you’re better off just being helpful.
    Great post, Loved it

    • Agree, that’s why I pulled that quote from Brian from the interview. If you’re really an expert, let other folks be the ones who say so. 🙂

  3. I’m a firm believer that your clients will tell you what they want and need if you listen long enough. They will literally offer up exactly what you can do to help them!

    • So True! You also have to demonstrate that you heard what they said and you comprehend it. This is what you told me you expect and this is how I can fulfill your expectations.

  4. I’m eager to see Tara talking along with all the presentations at DCS! i totally agree with this comment and nice article on the present situations an article has to be indetail with all the factors inclueded like the one above.
    thanks for sharing knowledge

  5. Feeding reader’s words back to them is a great tip! We’re tech entrepreneurs so blogging is kind of new to us. Our social media presence has really taken off so it’s interesting to see how much we can understand our audience. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Thanks Sonia,
    Very useful interview with Tara. I think that feeding your customers and showing that you have thought about their problems is really important. Getting personal and close to them is what makes success. Quite good interview overall.

  7. Sounds like really an interesting matter will go on at DCS. Well, looking forward to more details about Tara and one thing to say, thanks for sharing it here.
    Nice information.

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