How to Write a Killer “How To? Article That Gets Attention

How to Write a Killer “How To? Article That Gets Attention

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  1. Great article.

    Quick note: The Amazon link does not work (you’re missing a revenue opportunity).

    Will check back and purchase from here as a micro-token of appreciation for the excellent content on this site.

  2. Thanks for the examples! I have to say that this is the best and most useful post I’ve read in a while – I usually fade out if I have to scroll. Brilliant – this I can use!

  3. Great advice about promoting benefits. It reminds me of “benefit marketing.” You are not selling toothpaste, you are selling white teeth.. or as the founder of Revlon supposedly said:

    “”In the factory Revlon manufactures cosmetics, but in the store we sell hope”

  4. Excellent, as always!

    I can’t believe how much value you give with simple yet incredibly informational posts!

    Every idea makes so much sense it’s hard to imagine how you ever lived without applying it.


  5. This is a brilliant post! Im in the process of writing some content myself and this couldnt be more timely.

    I recently read a post discussing promotion of posts with “X ways to do Y” or “M reasons why N is the best” or something along those lines. However i found this post more useful.

    Nice one!

  6. Unfortunately, it is more and more common these days that those “how-to”s on digg,’ popular and aggregating sites are just utterly crap. Saying nothing new, making wrong statements, having no logic, lots of user comments in which stupid people try to make their points (just like me here), costing valuable time to read and bringing no benefit or even cause damage. And all their worth is in their headline. At least, this article explains how to paint your words to give them an interesting look from the outside (but neither more logic nor more valuable content).

    Given that all existing reputation mechanisms don’t work anymore in current web publishing, we’re all deemed to read one crappy article after the other. There’s definately need to install new, working reputation mechanisms.

  7. Great post, thanks for this mate. I will, like everyone else, try to apply as many advices as I can on to my website.

    Hehe, someone has already read this and posted “How One Easy Tweak Makes Windows XP Crash Proof” on Digg 🙂

    Let me see what do I come up with – How to make your Mac look like Windows .. oh, hang on !

  8. Truly inspirational, Brian. I can’t tell you how many books I’ve bought simply because of the kinds of titles you mention here. They’re very effective. (Gives me some ideas for posts, too.)

    Unfortunately, as one reader said above, a lot of online lists leave a lot to be desired. A truly good how-to list is as much of a challenge to write as a regular article. If you write one, try to run them by friends and colleagues before publishing it.

  9. Wow. Thanks. After reading this I changed both my Google Ad and headline on my sales page to read:

    How to Skip the Rejection Letters and Reach Real Readers!

    For less than the cost of another year’s purchase of Writer’s Market, you can learn the secret at:

    I’ll let you know how much better it does.

  10. What can I say — you have ‘exposed’ the secret charged hundreds of dollars by the gurus, and you present it succintly sharp too! Great work and thanks a lot.

    Now there is another strong reason to use the Internet and avoid most of the garbage out there.

  11. As a new blogger trying to get traction with writing good content, this article has not only provided great guidance, it’s given me some inspiration on topics to cover.

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