How to Hook Your Ideal Prospect with Content that Connects

How to Hook Your Ideal Prospect with Content that Connects

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  1. Seinfeld and Curb are so incredibly funny and successful Brian because each show is almost 100% about creativity. Like, Seinfeld and Larry David wrote for Seinfeld, 99% of the time, and Curb is all about writing, then creative improv. Brilliant.

    This is what I do with my blog; shut the door, and write. I have no phone. Meaning, no minutes on my phone. Minus snap shots for my blog during travels, I do not use the thing. Amazing how Seinfeld’s chain writing approach of practicing his writing daily for years – never skipping a day – influenced me to write my butt off, and to see the easiest way to hook someone and deliver something helpful and meaningful is to write like the dickens, and not to concern yourself with all the stuff that genuinely does not matter.

    Dead on post. Love it.


  2. What an insightful formula: meaning + fascination.

    Meaning alone may not attract attention.

    Fascination alone is cheap and tawdry.

    Fascination plus meaning hits the spot.

    You can see this formula at work in today’s online newspaper headlines. I’ve noticed the New York Times changing a particular headline several times a day, not to keep up with breaking developments, but to test which headlines get the most clicks. Some of the attempts are too obscure and don’t give enough of a hint about the content of an article or why one should read it. Some of the attempts are too traditionally newsy and somewhat dull.

    It would be interesting to see whether the winning headlines (ie got the most clicks) are the ones that strike the right balance between fascination and meaning. I suspect not. But striking the right balance will be what grows a newspaper’s audience AND keeps current readers coming back rather than getting disgusted by their tabloidization.

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