Writers: An Opportunity to Get Copyblogger Certified

Writers: An Opportunity to Get Copyblogger Certified

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  1. Hello Sonia,
    I’m not an expert content writer but would try my best to learn the techniques & would like to be Copyblogger certified.

  2. I’m impressed. Copywriting will always be one of those skills I respect because I don’t have it. But I also recognize an excellent course when I see it.

  3. I see your list of “recommended” copywriters. Is there any standard for what their services might cost, or totally up to each individual? For example, I’d love to know an average rate for one 800 word post. thanks

    • We don’t micromanage their businesses in any way, so that will be completely up to the individual writer. Shoot an email to the ones that resonate and ask for a quote!

  4. Hey Sonia,

    This is one of the best opportunities for the mediocre writers who want to earn a professional certificate.

    It’s not only about getting certified, it’s about learning more to become a professional writer. I have known Kristi Hines from a long time. She has emerged as one of the reputed freelance writers of this blogosphere.

    I was wondering as if this program can be online so that people from the different parts of the world can join.

    I am sure, people are going to love it.


    • Yes, all of the material is online, and we do have certified writers from around the world. The main limiting factor is that the course is given in English and the application needs to be in English — we don’t have good resources to evaluate content in other languages.

      Kristi is a total pro — the certification just recognizes that. πŸ™‚

  5. This looks great!

    Becoming ‘Copyblogger Certified’ is bound to look great on any resume and should help writers when pitching skills to their prospective clients.

    Thanks for sharing, Sonia.

  6. Hi Sonia,

    I have put off joining this program many times but this times round I have made up my mind. I hope it starts very soon.



  7. 100% agree here Sonia, thanks for sharing. There are no traffic jams on the extra mile because most are not willing to put in the time to get there.

  8. Exciting opportunity for the content marketers to grow more. ‘Copyblogger Certified’ badge will be a great asset for them.

    Thank you very much for your initiative.

    Have a nice day !

    • Because close review by our own editorial team is such an important part of certification, we can only certify applications in English right now.

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