7 Easy Creativity Routines that Make Your Day More Rewarding

7 Easy Creativity Routines that Make Your Day More Rewarding

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  1. Sometimes one needs to avoid thinking about the size of the project and break it down into tasks (#3) or mini-projects (#2). Makes it so much easier to manage and unlocks the creativity. Something I try to practice almost everyday. Excellent advice.

  2. I have put off registering a domain name for weeks. Even though this is, as you point out, something I can do quickly, I keep getting hung up on all the steps that come after. But this was a great reminder that I should put aside the worry, and just get it started. Thanks! Here’s to an inspired and productive new year!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Like your post shares, do something you love. Mine is drinking a couple cups of hot bold coffee (black). Just enjoying this simple and refereshing treat every morning helps me to get in a good mood and to think creatively. I also journal and read my Bible first thing in the morning. So I guess it is a combination of several items. Thanks again for this post.

  4. I always thought “move more” was horrendous advice until I joined a gym, and I realised how many more ideas I was having while working out. And because of all the endorphins, I was also feeling more positive about those ideas, which made me more likely to put them into practice. Win!

    • “Move around” advice is something I’d be cynical about too. (Us writers tend to lean toward cynicism.)

      But you can’t argue with good results and there are lots of wins, if you’re open-minded enough to try!

      Glad you’re seeing those benefits, Icy!

    • I feel a lot of pressure when I’m forcing myself to have a good idea or figure something out.

      Finding ways to take the pressure off yourself helps you move along with your creative process. 🙂

  5. Hi Stefanie,

    “Sitting down to think? often blocks your creative energy. I agree to this. I often get my creative ideas when I’m not working and may be relaxing or reading something. But never ever when I try to push hard to innovate something. It doesn’t work. But I’m not sure if momentum or movement is really necessary. But will try this out. 🙂

  6. Yes Stefanie, what we might initially perceive as mundane, everyday tasks do have the potential to ignite the creative spark within ourselves, if of course we love doing them.:)

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