Simple Tips for a Productive Short Week

Simple Tips for a Productive Short Week

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  1. I play I mean work 😉 daily Sonia so it was business as usual 🙂 I did however jam-pack my social schedule – rare for me as I usually work in the cyber dungeon when not circling the globe, as we are in a holding pattern now – with engagements last Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday. So I had to whittle things down, focus on guest posting and getting my blog posts ready for Blogging From Paradise and doing a wee bit of social engaging.

    I find myself pruning down my activities list more daily, it seems. Releasing the old and worn out to make room for the fun, new and exciting.

  2. Hello Sonia,

    Glad to hear that there was a long week off on the occasion of Labor day.

    Here in India we didn’t get any work load off.

    Great list of weekly article over here. Jerrod always get something very helpful to us.

    Thanks for sharing these among us.


  3. Plenty of excellent content to peruse, dissect, and put into practice…I especially enjoyed the Stinky Sardines.
    I find these compressed weeks are often more hectic than full weeks as everyone tries to jam more into less time!

  4. It’s great to have some time off with a long weekend – but it can be tough getting back into the swing of things on Tuesday!

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