How to Determine the Potential Size of Your Content Marketing Opportunity

How to Determine the Potential Size of Your Content Marketing Opportunity

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  1. This is a very detailed instruction on determining content marketing opportunity, thank you.I consider checking necessary results using different search engines to be very important and helpful, so you can get better view how saturated your niche is.
    Thank you for you post, again, very comprehensive.

  2. This is excellent information if anyone was thinking of getting into a new niche or just trying to make money online I am going to be pointing them to this post. This really lays out the step by steps and the time that is really required to look, weigh, and determine what’s best.

    You not only ask the right questions, you answer them as well in this post. I honestly, have never thought about using Google reader as tool to help analysis, but I think after read this it’s a no brainer to that extra step and look into that one.

    Lastly, I will admit you have to have a plan and ask the right questions such as you suggest like:
    What platforms would they best work on?
    Is competition already there?

    And than ask how will this payoff, or how I am going to to maek it pay off?

    Excellent post,


    • As I always say, people are looking for answers to their questions on the web. You have to know how big that audience is and how big your competition is. But in all honesty, this is not only about content marketing. It’s true for the total eCommerce being.

  3. Eric, this well explained i like the idea of guest posting on high end blogs but the only problem is the acceptance and attitude of so called influential bloggers within our niches. Personally i think we should write high end guest post on our sites so as to tilt the scale of the influntial bloggers, then after that we can go ahead and pitch our geust post. What do you think about that Eric?

    • Hi Bill – each niche is different, but you are right that a key part of the process is to figure out how to develop trust with the target influencer. That often involves posting great content on your site for a while first. Other ideas:

      * Pitch conferences for speaking engagements. This is a great credibility builder.
      * Pitch blogs or sites that are not in your vertical, but that do cover your vertical. They may be more receptive early on to your article ideas.
      * Offer to interview influencers in your vertical. This can be quite an effective way to break ice with someone.

      They key is to make the commitment to solving the problem and do what it takes to get there!

  4. Great tips on what’s poised to be a great opportunity online over the next few years. If content really is king – as they say – the people who stand to benefit the most are those who can qualify audiences and opportunities in order to provide content that stands out and gets noticed. The strategy you’ve outlined here will go a long way towards helping people do that!

    Also, thanks for the tip on looking up subscriber stats via Google Reader – can’t believe I haven’t seen that before! I’m definitely going to use that to help qualify guest post opportunities in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Okay, this makes the well so much deeper than I thought it was. Just when I think there must be an easier way to do something – someone (like you) writes an article that says, basically. It’s not. Rats.

    Being of the lazy, no account sort, I am tempted to follow Wendy’s (as in hamburgers) and just look where McDonalds’s (they do tons of research) builds their next franchise and build across the street.

  6. Interesting idea! I checked a few of these steps when I was trying to collect some information for creating a blog. I didn’t thought that you can “theorize” them. I also thought about that tip with searching on Facebook, but I did’nt think it’ll have interesting results and I quit before starting. Now I’ll try! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Glad to see someone still champions people (interacting face-to-face) as a place to spark content ideas. I like that you used this article to reinforce the importance of metrics (whether this done by manual analysis or any number of online tools).

    I also liked that you focused heavily on strategy at the end of the post. Depending on your audience social media should play a larger or smaller role in strategy (as should any part of your online marketing). I suggest asking “What social networking sites do you need/should you be active in?”

    Thanks for the great post!!!

  8. Marketing is no longer a game of demographics and statistics. It requires a true scientific approach. Too many people dump money and time into a plan without considering the metamorphosis our audiences have undergone in the past decade. Thanks for the great information. You invested a great deal of time here.

  9. Thank you Eric, excellent post and excellent timing. We are currently working on all these strategies for our new e-commerce site. We certainly have some stiff competition so your ideas are a great help.



  10. Awesome Article (as always) and a good timing. Started a new Business this year, and have a need for every little information…
    Best Wishes from Germany

  11. This should serve as the basic planning tool to people who are outlining their website revenue startegies. Should give them a fair idea of competition, how to get ahead of it, and what to expect in return.

    Very comprehensive and informative post, as usual.

  12. Just when I think you guys can’t out-do yourselves any more with great, unique and useful information, you go and post something like this and I spend hours going through it, following your links and finding more resources than I ever would’ve found if you hadn’t opened my eyes.

    At this rate, I am expecting a blog on how to print legal money at home to come very, very soon.

  13. Nicely written as there is so much depth covered on this topic. One thing that Iโ€™ve learned over the years is that if you donโ€™t know who and what you are dealing with, basically it means you are not getting anywhere. Not only on competitors but the size of market, what everyone is interested about, every small little detail needs to be analyzed and studied.

  14. The reason content marketing is getting a lot of attention is because it’s so effective. It builds brand value, it enhances an expert image, and it has proven very effective in lead generation to identify prospective customers.

  15. Excellent article.

    One possible addition: once you’ve determined what people are searching, check Amazon to see what they are actually buying.

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