How to Connect the Dots that Can Make You a Star

How to Connect the Dots that Can Make You a Star

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  1. Sonia

    Strategies are important, I love them and I feel the need to implement them in my blogging. The trouble is that unless they are streamlined and defined in scope, there is just too much to handle for new and intermediate bloggers.

    I am sure Copyblogger’s resource will be designed for easy consumption and usefulness. Will look forward to your 2018 strategies and how we can benefit from them.

    Have a great festive break, best wishes.


  2. Hi Sonia,

    I have seen this concept in play recently with my blog. Love the idea of a content constellation. It just makes sense, right? Putting out helpful content rocks but doing so with a strategy in mind draws everything together. In essence, this is what Google wants; a steady volume of excellent, high quality links into your blog, through your guest posting, genuine blog commenting, and effective forum postings. In addition to some sweet social signals, which you tend to generate when you generously promote top bloggers in your niche.

    For the heck of it – since I care little about metrics or search traffic – I have googled “blogging” recently and went a few pages deep. Turns out my blog ranks about halfway down on page 4 of Google for this competitive keyword.

    I do not focus on SEO much at all. I didn’t care a fig about SEO for most of my online career, until a few years back when I Yoasted my post before going live. But even then, never did a second’s worth of keyword research. Not one bit. Yet I am moving higher on the most competitive keyword in the blogging niche.

    My content constellation is the basis for this flippant yet somewhat effective search approach.

    For me, guest posting on top blogging themed blogs like Blogging Tips, Blogging Pro, Basic Blog Tips, Mostly Blogging and Build Your Own Blog, regularly publishing posts on these authority sites, sent a signal to Google. Nailing down backlinks from these authority blogs to mine – which is also in the blogging tips niche – definitely played a large part in my improved SEO game. But it wasn’t just publishing a guest post and running. I have written and published 440 guest posts on Blogging Tips alone, creating a serious content constellation on that site, and when you toss in the high volume of guesties I have placed on those other authority blogs, plus a hefty volume of guesties on other sites, plus my blog posts on Blogging From Paradise, and you can see how connecting the dots has helped me.

    Again; as noted, ya gotta do it strategically guys.

    For a little bit it felt good to submit guesties on any old blog. I followed my intuition and had fun with it but noted a little drop in my DA, which made perfect sense. For now, I am back to a more strategic approach of guest posting only on those rocking blogging sites to do things from a clear, intelligent energy, and to allow my star to shine a little bit brighter to help folks who wish to build successful blogs.

    Put a little bit of thought into your campaign, guys. Buy the sensational products Copy Blogger has to offer. Follow top bloggers. If someone seems incredibly generous with their time and talents, and has been rocking it out, make a beeline for their blogs, promote them, comment genuinely on their blogs and connect with them. These stars will help you strategically connect the dots with your content constellation, inspiring you to shine brightly through an intelligent approach, too.

    Thanks for the rocking share Sonia.

    Happy New Year!


  3. Most people find this difficult because they assume there’s a rule saying that you can’t go outside the square formed by the dots. Once a person realizes that they can, it’s just a matter of time until they work out how to do it. As such, it’s not “difficult” at all, it’s just a matter of finding out what the actual rules are–as opposed to what you assume they are.ο»Ώ

  4. Can you elaborate how much different its going to be this year from last year? Happy New Year and good luck to everyone’s businesses!

  5. “We’re going to be talking a lot about strategy in 2018.”

    Oooh, I love it when you talk strategy to me…almost as much as I love craft talk. I’ll take holiday helpings of both, please.

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