How to Create an Agile Content Marketing Strategy (and Stay Sane Doing It)

How to Create an Agile Content Marketing Strategy (and Stay Sane Doing It)

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  1. Be super disciplined with the shipping and connecting portions of your content creation strategy. Love the tips Pamela!

    By creating and shipping you gain instant feedback. Create more and the feedback you crave will flow in. Well, maybe you crave some of it and shudder at some of it, but either way you need to listen in to how your audience receives your content.

    The connecting part leverages your presence at a breakneck pace. You reach out, promote other people and other people will promote you. Works like magic.


  2. “Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum.” — this is probably the most important line. Especially online, you need to be able to shift focus, adjust things, and adapt quickly to demand or customer responses. Look at Instagram in the news lately, the community was in an uproar over the ToS and they fairly quickly clarified them.

    The web lets you adjust quickly. You just have to make sure your mindset and even your company can make those adjustments.

  3. “Don’t take your content too seriously. ”
    Excellent advice. I think some brands get so caught up in making sure their content is “perfect” that it never actually gets out the door. You can’t be perfect at something you’ve never done before! There is a learning curve as you find your voice/style as a writer and learn what your audience responds to.

    • I think perfection is overrated, actually. How boring!

      I’d rather aim for a target and get closer and closer over time. It’s challenging, but that’s what makes it interesting.

  4. I guess I get stuck on getting the word out there and then that problem results in a “connecting” problem. I’m getting better at being consistent with content and then systematically getting the word out. And I now have quite a few connections from the internet so I am definitely improving. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Pamela,

    The key for smart beginners is found in your “Amplify Your Reach Through Connection” section or else NO ONE will ever see your content. So I’d like to add that as a smart beginner, you MUST have a “hit list” (and constantly add to the list) of people and groups that you seek to connect with. It’s the only way toward getting just enough traction that gives the tiniest bit of feedback. Then you have to do it again and again to keep getting those trickles. Eventually it will lead to stream.


  6. Sometimes I have so many ideas..I don’t know WHERE to start…I guess my take-away is..START somewhere and just keep on….somehow I’m trapped in the “old school” notion–that whatever I do has to work..the success/failure trap—but I’m hearing you say..if it doesn’t work, try something else…..this is not a “set it and forget” type-thing

  7. The power of feedback cannot be underestimated for our agile content strategy efforts!
    Though we usually start with a strong understanding of our target market, the process of gaining feedback for our content gives us an even richer landscape of user characteristics- even the tone/style on an email response can give us clues to knowing our audience even better.
    Thanks for the great article!
    Sarah Bauer
    Navigator Multimedia

  8. This was really informative and inspiring. I loved the quote from Oscar Wilde. So true. And then, right as I was starting to feel some anxiety, you reminded me of why now is the time to relax and learn (I do not have a vast audience). So I have time…but need to get serious about it too. Because some day I want a vast audience! Thanks!

  9. Great thoughts on research. My blogs and website are so not business oriented, yet they are a business themselves in that I want them to grow, reach, influence. I really appreciate this clear and applicable post about research and the references to more on this that you share. As an “inspirational” blogger, I tend to shy away from the business mentality of doing my research. This is an empowering post. Thanks!

  10. This was great! That’s exactly the strategy I plan to follow as my blog grows and becomes more interactive. It seems to me that an actively participating audience would naturally fuel this type of agile content. It would be a shame for bloggers to ignore all the great ideas stemming from the discussion with their readers.

    Content should be dynamic. That’s what keeps it fresh and exciting.


  11. I really loved this post! I think one of the biggest things is to focus and to keep moving forward! I think it is important to focus and do what you said, “Research. Release. Optimize. Connect. And then, repeat.” I feel like you have to keep putting forth effort. You can’t give up after the first time if it doesn’t work out. You need to figure out how to make it better, and more appealing. So when you are on the “repeat” of this cycle, you need to figure out how to improve from what you had before.

  12. Great article. It has all the information I need. I already have 28 posts in my website but I feel like I’m just starting this long process. But I’m glad to see some progress, though.

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