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The Reasons Behind Smoking
by: Rob Mellor
So what are . Both you and me know that it is not good for our health? There are very many reasons to it but in this article we will look over the biggest reason in todayís world and that is to release STRESS. So what is stress, can we get rid of it through smoking, if not then how can we get rid of it, lets look at the reason behind smoking.

Stress Ė What is it?
Stress is the result of feeling helpless, incapable to perform, not able to meet the deadlines and pressurized. Stress could be due to any reason, be it down to pressure at the office, home or even a bad financial situation, or it could be due to anything your not happy with.

Can smoking get rid of it?
Can we get rid of stress through smoking? Will smoking make us relax and even feel better about life? Well lets look at it like this, will smoking get you out of that bad financial situation or do your work for you at the office or even ease things at home. I donít think so! Then why carry on smoking, itís not going to cure the problems but just ease it for a few minutes at the very most.

So what do you do?
Then what should I do in a stressful moment? The answer is to confront it head on. You need to find a long term solution to the problem. If you having financial trouble, go to the bank. Trouble at the office, see your boss. Donít go to the shop and buy more cigarettes, they wonít sort the problem out long term. By confronting it head on you will ease your stress over time.

Donít Smoke
Smoking is bad for you. Smoking increases the chances of death due to lungs and breast cancer by a number of times. It wrecks the lungs during sports. One good way of easing stress for the short term is to do sport, it can control it way better than smoking can.

Tobacco the chemical contained in the cigar narrows the blood vessels and strains our heart. This gives you a larger risk of strokes and heart disease. If you havenít stopped yet them you need go for a stress free way of stopping. That way youíll not feel worse off than when you smoked.

About the author:
Rob Mellor owns the www.quit-smoking-expert.comwebsite helping normal people stop smoking in less than 40 minutes. Please visit the site for more information on our stop smoking program

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