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Record Inflation and Added Life Stress
by: Jessica Deets
You've seen the latest reports. The news says "inflation hit a record high, due to rises in gas prices from the hurricanes." It can be very stressful when we start thinking about the "ripple" effect this may cause in the economy and maybe a rise in prices of all the things we buy.

Keep reading, as I'm going to show you how you can benefit from inflation and reduce your stress.

First of all, don't worry. Althought, it's easier to say than to do. However, it's absolutely vital to your success that you not worry. If you worry excessively, it's not going to change anything in the economy, but it will be harder for you to concentrate on your goals and achieve success.

Studies show that the most devastating stress is psychological and emotional stress. There are many sources of emotional stress: family problems, social obligations, life changes, work problems, making decisions, fears, etc. Worries about inflation will add to those stresses.
Emotional stress has been found to be powerful and debilitating because it takes away the sense of control we have over our own lives. And this feeling of control over our environment and ourself is one of our most basic of human needs. If this need isnít met, emotional or physical illness can be a result. For example, a number of studies directly link stress and heart disease.
But there is something you can do in the next five minutes to change all of this.

Just take everything in stride and learn to laugh "no matter what happens." Read a humorous book, watch a funny show, do something that is entertaining. Don't let social pressures get to you. Even say to yourself, "ok, what's the worse thing that can happen if I have to pay more for everything?"

Well... the answer is that you may have to pay more for a little while... maybe you'll even have to do without a few things. History has shown that when this happens, people find a way to make more money too.

Imagine with the amount of money you make right now, what if your house payment was only $150 per month, your food costs were only $100 per month and insurance was only $50 a month. How many things could you buy at those prices? You could buy a lot and still have money left over. Well... thirty years ago, that's what things did cost but people only made $400-$500 per month on a good wage. Inflation happened then... and prices rose.

Thirty years ago could someone make a car payment of $600 per month? It would have been unheard of, but people do that everyday now. Over time, everything worked out ok, as people's income kept up with the rise of prices and even now we have an amazing standard of living the rest of the world envies.

I can assure you that if you believe "that everything will be ok," then it will be ok. It's just our nature that if we think positively, then positive things happen.

Not only that, here's another consideration. I believe the news that says that the inflation was caused by high gas prices. The news also reports that consumers are still driving this economy with all their spending. Experts believe that the economy will keep moving well and there's talk that gas prices will go down somewhat.

So what happens if you get a pay raise, and then prices go down a little afterward? That's just as likely as anything else to happen (and that's the kind of problem to have).

My advice to you... don't stress, go have some fun. Exercise, eat right, get enough sleep, read a book, have time just for you, read the scriptures and go to Church, talk with friends, listen to relaxing music... these will go a long ways towards a "stress-free" life. Copyright 2005.

About the author:
Jessica Deets has been researching the internet for over 4 years and finds valuable information to help people. Don't let the news about high inflation stress you out. The website at www.selfhelpstress.comhas information on self-eliminating stress.

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