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Google - RELAXOLOGY Electric Eye Strain Eyezone Massager. The worlds most amazing aid to relaxation and stress relief
by: Tzaf Barak

Worn around the head and shaped to fit the ocular region of the face the RELAXOLOGY Electric Eyezone Massager combines three proven therapies in one quick and easy to use gadget to relieve stress and tension around the eyes and temples in minutes.

Long Descp:

Pinhole therapy reduces stress in the eye, magnet therapy reduces pressure and massage therapy increases circulation around the affected area for immediate relief. The gentle massage at the pressure points around the eyes and upper nose region help to stimulate the corresponding glands in the body, calming and relaxing and relieving stress, reducing eye strain and headaches, sinus discomfort, anxiety and fatigue FAST!

With two power settings for gentle stimulus or a deeper more intensive massage. Comes complete with Velcro strap and battery included

THE MUST HAVE therapy product for everyone under stress. Donít leave home without it!

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