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Without My Wings!
by: Arthur Buchanan
This Brittney Spears song inspires this chapter every time you see my thoughts on this great song, I believe you are going to love it. When an angel loses his or her wings, do they really fall to earth? Can they make the transition to life like the one they have never seen before? Will the world allow them to enter it or will they be swallowed completely whole?

Some believe that their mate is an angel, I think they really feel that they are from heaven and are waiting in that special moment were they needed to be at that moment in time, or the time would have just moved on past and they would have never knew what love was like.

Like the movie city of Angels, you cut yourself just to see if you are alive. When angels cross over do they remember the glory of God or is all that is on their mind is the one they have fallen in love with. I mean every time they fall they feel so lonely, thatís when I feel a presence at my side that it is almost perfect, I guess I need you baby.

Without my wings I fall, I am so lost, I guess I need you baby, notice me, take my hand, flap my wings, strangers past my way. I love the strong, every time I see you in my dreams, is it make believe, or do I need love you baby, ever time I fly, I fall so far, I try to spread my broken wings, I fall so far baby, at night I pry, that you are with me!

That look on your face, you are in my dreams, you are near to me, I guess I need you baby. Notice me take my hand, a strangers plans, I love you stronger. Every time I see you in my dreams, it feels as though you hold me, I have faith. If I need to spread my broken wings, then I will know that you are going to be there to catch me.

At night I pry that you will be there in my dreams, notice me I can feel you baby. Here is the music, take my hand, what to believe, our love is strong I cannot go on without you.
Every time I fly, I see you in my dreams you look at me, I guess I needed you baby, wipe my tears with your broken wings.

I say to God you are the one for me, please Lord let them come to me, the life I live was meant to be with that angel you sent to me! How can I deviate from the plan? You let me fall for that angel that you brought down to me.

Here I cry and is it make me believe, now baby. I see clearly, what you needed happened now you seemed to move so difficulty. My love to thee, I give my heart to thee, my wings caused you pain I guess I need you baby, at night pry someday your face will fade away, I mean is it possible for angel to love a man, she could be my girl.

This is not a dream you are next to me, I flap my wings, a strangers plans, I guess I need you baby, in my dreams, I need you baby, Am I awake? Can you see, I see clearly, what have I have done?

Every time I try to fly my wings bleed for you, Lord please have mercy for I am falling for an angel, but look at me , can you hear me baby, at night I pry your face will fade away, I fill so small. In my dreams, you are haunting mean, baby guess I need you now, because we live in a city of angels,

In addition, when the time is right baby, God will give us our angel. That is when you ask, why me? I need you baby and if time could ever stand still, I would never take my eyes off of you, I guess I Need you baby, take my broken wings father, as I fall to my fate, heaven knows I cannot wait, I need you baby, we live in a city of angels canít you see? That my blessed angel lives for me, I guess I love you baby!

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