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Be His Gift of Self-esteem for Christmas
by: Dorothy Lafrinere
On Christmas Day give your loved one a special gift. This gift should be real and true. It will let him know how dear he is to you and how much you look forward to spending the rest of your life with him.

This special gift being, your most highest Self-esteem. One that he will never, ever forget. Through your gift of a higher self-esteem, he will know just how much he means to you. After all, you can not just go to the department store and buy this gift.

It is a gift that has taken time and effort.
It is a gift that not very many people would even consider giving.
It is a true gift of love.

Remember, no one likes to open an empty box, so make sure it is full of self-worth and self-esteem.

You are probably wondering, how am I suppose to do that? I know that sure we can want it and we can fake it, but can we really feel it and offer our self-esteem as a real, and true gift, one that will last forever.

Yes you can!
You just do it.

You have all heard of the,"Twelve days of Christmas"?

Well I have put together for you, 12 very positive habits in order to each your highest self-esteem. Not to mention a very good feeling of self-worth. Think of it as the Twelve Days to a Higher Self-esteem!

We have heard all the love songs and read all the very sweet, romantic Christmas cards that are bought by the millions. In my mind almost all of those sweet lyrics are asking for one thing and one thing only. He wants YOU for Christmas. He wants to see you smile and radiate with love for him. So ladies lets just do it. Lets give him a Christmas that he will always remember.

One that will make him smile every day for the rest of his life. After-all, he is very much worth it. Love is worth all, if not more of the discipline and energy it takes in building that higher, more positive self-esteem. This is my gift to you! I hope that your loved one will be a very happy guy this Christmas, when he sees your gift of self-esteem that you have given him.

Twelve Days to a Higher Self-esteem:

Day 1-Write about you! Get a journal and write about you in it every night before you go to bed. Write at least 10 things that you did that makes you smile that day, no matter how small.

Day2- Be your own you! Live your life like you want to live it. Make your own decisions. Do not base your decisions on other's wants and desires.

Day 3- Identify your priorities! Take care of your needs first. Find what gives you lasting pleasure, not just instant quick fixes. To respect your needs is a great way to lift your self-worth and build a higher self-esteem.

Day 4- Share more of you with others! In sharing a part of you, and making others feel good, you in turn feel very valuable. A feeling of value will send your self-esteem soaring.

Day 5-Spend time with positive people! Positive people send positive vibes.

Day 6-Stay away from the "I want" syndrome! Meaning, I want to look like her, I want to be skinny, I want to be perfect, Or I want what I will never have. These are all negative thoughts that only work against your positive self-esteem.

Day 7- Love Who You Are! Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are UNIQUE at least10 times through out this day. Tell yourself that you are SPECIAL. That you are LOVED and want to love back. (It's been a week now and it's been tough, but dont give up! Your more than half way now!)

Day 8- Stop the comparison game! When you compare yourself, you are questioning your own self-worth. A very BAD HABIT. STOP it on this day!

Day 9- Stop trying to be perfect! To be a perfectionist will only drain energy that you could benefit you in just being you! We all know that once you can just be you, life seems so much more fun!

Day 10- Stop putting yourself down! Putting yourself down every chance you get is a definite no-no. You cannot win the positive/negative battle if you continue to think negative. (almost there now!)

Day11- HUG alot! Hug as many people as you can on this day. Just make sure they are not strangers. That could be a bit of a problem. Hugz are just so good! People can not hug enough or get hugged enough. So hug alot!

Day12- (Last Day!) Just do It! You cannot win the battle if you don't do anything to win it. When you activley work toward achieving your positive thoughts, you not only defeat the negative but you also feel good inside about yourself and others. That is exactly what makes your self-esteem soar!

Well there you have it, my gift to you. How to get your self-esteem to a high enough feeling that it can be a gift from you to him. One that he will surely cherish.

Christmas time is a very special time of the year. We are all in a very positive, happy mood. The Christmas spirit washes over us like a warm wind. Embrace it, enjoy it, and remember to share your good feelings with everyone. Others are also trying to build their self-esteem and could definitely benefit from your positive smiles and hugz.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and I truly hope that your self-esteem will be a gift to remember.
Dorothy Lafrinere
"Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect."
Oren Arnold

Dorothy Lafrinere is the owner and operator of She has been working to help build women's self esteem for many years and is considered an expert in her field. Dorothy's website is filled with information, forums, articles, a chat room for women only and much more. The theme of her website is based on Women helping women build self esteem and confidence.

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Dorothy Lafrinere






Hello my name is Dorothy and I thought you might like to know a bit about me! I was born and raised in Canada where I raised 4 great children and ran a business for 23 years. I recently moved to Florida to continue my life and enjoy the tropics. My experiences throughout my life have built my character and made me an independent women. My issues regarding self-esteem have directed me towards creating a wonderful website for all the women in the world! My goal is to simply put a smile on your face, add a little sunshine to your day, and help you find the strength to deal with your fears and tackle your weaknesses, but most importantly to help you find the goodness that is inside of you, so that you can live a peaceful and happy life.

I have had many questions reguarding why my website is totally free. Well, it isn't actually really free. The payment that I ask for from my members and any women that frequent my site is that they feel better about themselves, and that they use some of that gained strength to help other women who also suffer from self esteem issues that women are faced with in daily life.


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