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5 Most Popular Styles of Christmas Ornaments
by: Catherine Spelling
Traditionally Christmas ornaments were bulbs of all the same color which were placed randomly throughout your Christmas tree. Over the past few decades, Christmas ornaments have developed into elaborate pieces of art which are delicately planned out and placed throughout the Christmas tree. Currently there are many types of Christmas ornaments to choose from and the creativity and uniqueness of your Christmas tree will highly depend on the types of ornaments you choose.

Below you will find the 5 most popular styles of ornaments for your Christmas tree:

1. Illuminated - Christmas ornaments which light up are becoming extremely popular. Christmas lights have been popular for a long time, so there's no reason to wonder why illuminated Christmas tree ornaments are becoming so desired. Illuminated Christmas decorations are generally quite high in price. They can range anywhere from $5 to $20 a piece.

2. Mobile - Mobile Christmas tree ornaments are unique and add a whole new element to any Christmas tree. This type of ornament adds an element of movement to your tree, something all Christmas trees lacked before now. Ornaments have the ability to move up and down, side to side and all around. Mobile Christmas tree decorations are said to bring Christmas trees to life. They are also quite expensive and are usually found in the same price range of illuminated Christmas ornaments.

3. Musical - Musical ornaments, along with illuminated and mobile ornaments, are the newest form of Christmas ornament on the market right now. Many ornaments play Christmas songs and carols for everyone to enjoy. Fortunately most also come equipped with on/off buttons which can regulate the sound when you donít want the music playing. These usually cost in the same vicinity of mobile and illuminated ornaments.

4. Homemade - Homemade Christmas tree ornaments are a sure way to ensure your Christmas tree is one of a kind. This form of ornament is personal, thoughtful and an ornament which is likely to be cherished forever. Homemade ornaments are often made by children for their moms and dads, but there are also a number of moms and dads who make ornaments at home and sell them for low prices. Regardless, homemade Christmas ornaments are one-of-a-kind are cost considerably lower than the other types.

5. Bulbs - Christmas tree bulbs will forever remain in style because they give your tree the traditional look which all trees should have. Christmas bulbs usually come in packs of about 10 and the bulbs tend to be the same colors and shapes. They are distributed as evenly as possible throughout your tree. These ornaments cost slightly higher than homemade ornaments, however they cost considerably less than any other form of Christmas tree ornament. Plus, you can always decorate them yourself.

There is an unlimited selection of Christmas tree ornaments available on the market and the choices you make will highly affect the overall appearance of your Christmas tree. Each individual family will have their own preference and no two Christmas trees will ever look the same. Thatís a good thing because, like people, if they all looked the same they would not be as fascinating to look at.

About the author:
Catherine Spelling is a retired interior designer who now uses her decorating talents to make holidays an eye catching event. She is a freelance writer for - a site that offers tips for Christmas decorations, picking out Christmas trees, tips for choosing Christmas tree toppers and more.

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