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Patios: The New Trend in Home Remodels
by: Jill Dow
In years past a patio was sort of a throw on to a home. It was typically a concrete slab to keep your feet clean on your way in or out. Then you'd plunk down a couple of chairs and a table and enjoy your patio when the sun went down. More recently, covered patios have become very popular. Adding a patio or "outdoor living area" to your home is both a great investment and a relaxing extension of your homes interior that you can enjoy all day and all yearlong. You might want to consider the following features.

1 Add an outdoor kitchen to your patio for easy entertaining. When planning your kitchen think about storage, clean up and prep areas. You can buy pre-made outdoor grills with these features or build your own custom kitchen.

2 Patio furnishings can be quite luxurious because they're protected from the elements. Think outdoor living room with comfortable chairs, lounges, couches and plants all around.

3 If you have a spacious patio you might add a home spa. You can make this a focal point of the patio with container garden landscaping, intimate lighting, tiki torches or candles. Itâ??s sure to be a feature you'll use year round.

4 Patio Heaters. There is a fairly extensive line of patio heaters available that allow you to enjoy your patio even on cold days. You might also consider an outdoor fireplace, or fire pit to heat your patio on the coldest of days.

5 Patio Misters are a wonderful addition if you live in a climate where summers can be unbearable. You'll keep your guests comfortable on even the hottest days.

6 Patios for children. If you have children you should think about a child friendly area. You can provide storage for outdoor games, pool and sprinkler fun, as well as keep towels and a change of clothes or shoes handy.

When planning your new patio addition consider your hobbies, family life style, and entertaining habits. Have fun with your patio design and make it your own!

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