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The Function of Recruiting Database Software -
by: Kent Pinkerton
Businesses must be fully staffed in order to live up to their potential. All job openings must be filled as quickly as possible with the best candidate for the job. With all of the quick decisions needed when hiring, it is important that recruiters are able to instantly access any information that they need about applicants. Recruiting database software organizes applicant information in such a way that any information on the applicants is just a few keystrokes away.

Recruiting database software can store and organize all of an applicantís information in several different ways. These programs add applicantsí resumes to a database where they are stored for future viewing. Recruiters are able to access the entire database at any time. They can look at an applicantís entire resume, or they can look at particular parts of the resume, like the contact information or previous job experience.

The resumes are stored in such a way that recruiters can filter out the particular information that they need. For example, if a recruiter wants to look at all applicants who have a masterís degree, the recruiting database software can show them a list of applicants whose resumes mention having a masterís degree. Or if the recruiter needs to fill a position extremely quickly, they can search for applicants who live nearby and would not need to relocate.

Recruiting database software can filter out unqualified applicants. If applicants do not have particular qualifications such as relevant work experience or a college degree the software can mark these resumes so that the recruiter is aware of what these applicants lack.

Recruiting database software programs are a great addition to any company that hires new employees. Firms that do their own recruiting benefit from the streamlined organization that this software provides. Professional recruitment and staffing companies can save a significant amount of time and money by utilizing recruiting database software.

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