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by: Susan Young
Not having a Risk Management solution in place for your computer systems is simply playing Russian roulette – without knowing how many bullets are in the chambers. Yet many growing and medium sized businesses are unnecessarily taking this risk. While the business expands, many times Information Technology (IT) only has the time to meet the needs of that growth. Though, overlooking Risk Management increases the pain of an unforeseen disaster when it does occur. And since, without proper management, a risk turns into a disaster without any warning, the game is always on and your company’s odds of staying lucky lessen every minute.

Lack of foresight can literally bring an organization to its knees. It can in fact, result in loss of business, client confidence and reputation. Without monitoring, your systems can become unstable and unusable. The machine can become bogged down and unresponsive so work can’t be completed or run out of resources and crash – potentially loosing your information in the process. When something simply breaks it is straight forward to fix; however, when something isn’t working correctly it becomes an investigative nightmare. Without monitoring, you don’t have any clues. With proper monitoring proactive work is completed before business disruptions even occur and your business’ good name is protected.

Having a proper monitoring system and Risk Management solution is crucial. Unfortunately, for most businesses, the budget is found after the first crisis occurs. The question is ‘is the crisis that knocks the sense into you going to wipe you out or is it going to make you smarter so that you’re able to prevent another?’ Continuing without a Risk Management solution simply adds another bullet to game.

To help businesses protect and monitor their systems, DataVelocity has developed its own Risk Management Suite called “Erudition.”

Erudition allows customers to see the whole picture. It tracks CPU, disk, and memory usage for trend analysis. The system can proactively inform a customer three months in advance if their server(s) will no longer be able to maintain their business, allowing the company to take appropriate action. The suite can monitor more than 1,500 tasks ranging from database internal performance statistics to hardware space utilization and system data. It doesn’t require any software installation or consulting services and no administration is required.

In order to provide round the clock monitoring of its systems, companies often have to juggle personnel due to holiday schedules, vacations, and workers who call out sick. Part time consultants or third party organizations are also brought in to fill in the gaps. In order to alleviate some of this staff management, DataVelocity’s highly trained staff can function as a company’s only IT staff or it can work closely with an organization’s own IT staff. For much less than what you would pay a consultant, the suite offers a starter package for up to four servers /24 items, which provides 24 /7 protection from corruption and crashes.

Without a Risk Management solution in place, each day without a technical disaster could be your last. Each day you’re not protecting your servers, they are repeating the legendary Dirty Harry dare, “Do you feel lucky, punk?”

About the author:
Adam Warshaw is the President of DataVelocity. It is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) business that focuses on the server, application, and database performance and stability of its clients’ environments. Located in West Paterson, NJ, it specializes in database servers, though it monitors the overall performance of all servers. For more information, call 973-812-0343 or visit

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