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Data backups are the biggest security threats! Surprised?
by: Gary
Gary, a network security consultant with Fortune 500 companies, and
an editor of argues that data backups actually hinder corporate IS security and makes a case for offsite data backups.

Gary J, security consultant of the Disk storage and network security
portal at ,starts off every conversation with IT senior management with the question
‘Did u ever stop to think that data backups are the biggest security threats facing your
company today?’

The usual response from corporate IT big-wigs is ‘No way. Data backups are supposed to help us recover from security threats and not a security threat’. And where are backups usually stored? Backups are usually stored in the most accessible part of the office for easy backup data recovery!

Gary Joseph calls for a contrarian view on physical data backups. Physical data backups may be necessary, but you have to keep them under lock and key. Most organizations store corporate data securely in ultra- tight security data centers. Corporate data centers
also have an elaborate network of firewalls, demilitarized zones and honeypots to reduce
security risks to the system. However, corporate data center management never ensures that backups of even the most mission critical applications are secure.

Gary , with his vast internet network security consulting experience, calls for a move to online offsite data backups (Read article at This ensures that the data backups are not only stored in a secure separate location but also are automatically catalogued
and immediately available for data retrieval in case of a data center disaster.

Offsite data backups have become quite popular in recent times in corporate data centers, due to the ease of use and automatic provision of business continuity without any elaborate BCP planning.

Gary’s organization is a huge supporter of offline data backups and suggests that
offline data backups are the future and can even be combined with technology offshoring
initiatives in order to save money in creating the offline data center.

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About the author:
Article by Gary J. Gary is one of the most respected data storage and network
security data center consultants. an associate editor at the leading
data storage, data security
and network security portal
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