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The Popularity of Humorous Aprons -
by: Thomas Morva
One of the earliest references to aprons comes from the story of Adam and Eve. They were said to have sewn together fig leaves to cover their bodies; this is certainly the first historical account of an apron being used. Fast forward to the 19th and 20th centuries where aprons continued their functional use for keeping clothing clean and for carrying cooking utensils and the like.

Today's apron options are much more fun and exciting than aprons of past years. We have all seen the aprons bearing the words, "Kiss the Cook" and similar sayings. There are certainly more humorous aprons out on the market than we could ever imagine. During the Martha Stewart scandal, you could even find black and white striped aprons that poked fun at the homemaking goddess' pending jail sentence.

Some of today's most popular humorous aprons have sayings like, "If you want breakfast in bed, then sleep in the kitchen" and "I'm not aging, I'm marinating!" Humorous aprons are as creative and colorful as the designers who create them. You can certainly find a humorous apron for nearly every personality.

Humorous aprons are popular among both homemakers and weekend BBQ'ers. In the last couple of decades, buying dad a humorous apron for Father's Day has become a tradition for many families. Dads often enjoy the funny sayings and the kids enjoy watching him cook wearing his new apron.

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