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Transporting Your Exotic Car -
by: Thomas Morva
Exotic car transport is a growing branch of the car transport industry, a specialized field that includes auto transporters of custom-built automobiles, luxury cars, antique autos, exotic cars, and prototypes. Exotic car transport companies utilize state of the art satellite tracking and mobile phones to keep track of your vehicle every mile of the way. Secure and safe loading on custom built covered trailers with full lift gates and unique tie-down systems provide security without damage to your vehicle. Airtight sanitary environments and full air equipment for smooth and even travel are just some of the many special options available for shipping an exotic or special car.

Custom equipment designed to meet your specific needs is a standard in the exotic car transport business. When investigating exotic car transport companies check to see whether they maintain fleet of opened and enclosed transports at their facility, and whether they employ a professional crew of mechanics and maintenance people to serve your needs. To protect your interests, also make sure they carry the finest insurance coverage available.

Some popular trailer options for secure exotic car transport are: six-car enclosed trailers, four-car enclosed trailers, and two-car non-stacking enclosed trailers. Most auto transporters of exotic vehicles will offer delivery from door to door or delivery to the customer wherever they choose. Most exotic car companies will accept non-running vehicles. Many exotic car transport companies will design an itinerary according, solely, to your car transport requirements.

When you are searching for a exotic car transport company ask if exotic and vehicle shipping is their main focus or a sideline of another business, further find out if they contract out shipping jobs to third parties. Be certain when you are investigating exotic car transport companies that exotic and custom-made cars are their specialty and they are experts.

Many exotic car transport companies will offer worldwide vehicle transportation solutions to individuals. These car transport companies specialize in dependable, efficient service with numerous departures from major U.S. ports. Usually you will be assigned a very knowledgeable customer service person to insure the safe convey of your exotic car.

Exotic car transport companies use various methods and vehicles to move your car long distances, such as custom designed flatbed trucks, enclosed single and double non-stacking trailers and enclosed rail service. Your car will probably travel flat without being tied down by chains.

It should not be difficult to find an exotic car transport company with a crew of certified professionals who maintain an exceptional fleet of opened and enclosed transports to fit your needs and budget. Just knowing the some basic information about the nuances and services of moving exotic cars will make finding the best exotic car transport company an assured success.

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