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Bully Riders on Big Bikes
by: Maricon Williams
Big bikes have this striking appeal to people. Not only because they are big but also because they have what it takes to be B-I-G.

Aside from that, big bikes and riders connote a negative impression. Riders riding big bikes are presumed to be rough, rude and bullies. Nonetheless, a lot of expectators are dreaming of possessing one.

Driving big bikes need special attention. This is because newbie riders have to practice the proper parking, stopping and running the bike plus the fact that they must also gain knowledge about its maintenance and emergency repairs.

Even if you are accustomed to riding smaller bikes, you will likely find yourself adjusting more to big bikes. Therefore, before you plan on roaming with your big bike, know it first. It means that you have to sit on it, try to make a feel and know where the controls are. Learn the basics. It is better to learn them early on because it is hard to be caught off guarded and terrified. Be familiar with everything in your bike even those you presume of lesser importance like the mute button. Chances are they may be needed in the future.

Riding a big bike is also pretty exciting. In fact, the very thought of being fast and mobile while exploring the roads is an overwhelming thought. However, if you are not familiar with the one you are riding and you are not protected, accident is always anticipated. Therefore, every rider must be prepared. He must don motorcycle accessories like reverse gears and guards to be always protected.

There are certain instances when newbie riders become hesitant like dropping the bike, braking and turning at low speeds. They can overcome these by practicing on a grassy area. They can drop the bike gently from a standstill several times in order to master standing on the high peg as well as stepping away. In braking, master the manner of controlling your bike through the clutch and foot brake. In cases of making turns at low speed, minimum pressure on the rear brake can help the rider maintain control of the degree of lean.

Size is not a substantial basis to conclude on whether it is easy to maneuver it or not. It is the knowledge, expertise and practice that count. Skill plus speed make a good combination in order to exude confidence and security. Confidence makes you feel relaxed and safe!

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