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Are You Tired of Trite Tips on Fuel Savings
by: Dee Scrip
In these days of record high fuel prices affecting already stretched budgets, many of us are looking for tips on fuel savings. Unfortunately, most tips are “no-brainers”.

Some suggest staying within posted speed limits because “…the faster you drive, the more fuel you use.” Daah !!! Explain that to a teenager!

Oh, here’s one – “combine errands”. Come on, anyone who runs a household figured that one out eons ago, just to maintain sanity.

Here’s another I just love – remove excess weight. Hmm… let me think, I can make the kids walk to their sports events or mall, and meet them when they arrive. And, of course, ban any friends from catching a ride. But then again, when the riot occurs, the police will have to use their fuel instead.

After much research, here’s a few fuel savings tips I found that actually make sense:

1. Depending on a vehicle’s condition, you can increase fuel savings simply by keeping your engine tuned.
2. Maintaining proper inflation of tires can increase fuel savings by up to 6%.
3. Replace air, oil, and fuel filters regularly. Clogged filters decrease fuel savings.

But the best tip to date is this simple fuel savings solution:

A small Power Pill, the size of a penny, that can be dropped into the tank at fill up. Here’s what the PowerPill does:

· Provides fuel savings averaging 15% on cars and 20% on diesel trucks
· Conditions the engine by cleaning it, resulting in eliminating and preventing what is known as “carbon deposits”, the culprit behind decreased fuel savings.
· Lowering octane requirements, thus saving an additional 5¢ to 10¢ per gallon.
· More savings on maintenance by extending the life of spark plugs, valves, engine, and frequent oil changes.
· Environmental benefits by significantly reducing toxic pollutants, which in essence allows us to breathe cleaner air and live longer.

N.A.S.A. engineered and SAE tested over a decade ago, global results can be found at including the most recent unsolicited tests performed by Dial-A-Cab taxi drivers in London.

For more information, visit

About the author:
Dee Scrip is a well known and respected published expert author of numerous articles on PowerPill Fe-3, Home Business, Business Opportunities, Fundraising, VoIP, VoIP Security, and other related VoIP issues.
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