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Living and Working In Perthshire
by: John Michael
Perthshire is situated centrally in Scotland being about one hours drive from both of the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. There are good road and rail links, an airport in Edinburgh and an international airport in Glasgow.
Perthshire is a beautiful scenic area and has been a popular tourist area in the past especially with people who like the outdoors and activities such as walking and cycling. The world spotlight fell upon the area recently when Gleneagles played host to the G8 Summit.
Perthshire was once voted best place to live and has attracted the attention of a few who have considered relocating to the area or thought of moving their business or setting up new businesses here.
If you are thinking of relocating to Perthshire it is important to consider carefully all the facts before making such an important decision that will affect both you and your family.
It is important to note that Perthshire is a rural area and the economy still very much revolves around farming, land and tourism. Although Perth itself is often referred to as the "Fair City" it is in fact a town and has never been granted city status which means that the area does not attract major funding for economic development. The average earnings in Perthshire are acknowledged by Perth and Kinross Council as being lower than the rest of Tayside and Scotland.
In terms of school education which should be a key factor in the decision making process, the council also report that most exam results in secondary schools were said to be below the average for similar authorities in 2004.
Perthshire is really akin to a market town and the business community are very close knit which makes it very difficult for new businesses coming to the area to make a go of it. Major new business developments have been prevented from establishing themselves in Perthshire and have gone elsewhere to places such as Dundee who recognise the importance of bringing in new talent and new businesses to their city.
We hope to give an unbiased view of what it's really like to live and work in Perthshire as an outsider and to help you make the right decision if you are deciding to relocate.

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