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Synthetic Lubricants Mean Less Dependence on Foreign Oil Consumption
by: Steve Danielson
As big oil companies continue to grow bigger, foreigners are the ones who get most of the money. If you own a lot of oil stock you may be happy, but the rest of us can only grumble when we see prices jump higher at the pump. The gas station is the easiest way to see how the rising cost of oil affects us, but there are many hidden costs, too.

Much of the world’s oil now comes from the middle east. We are able to see on a daily basis the price of being dependent on another part of the world for the energy we have come to rely upon. The wars in that region may not be for oil specifically, but if there was no oil, there would be considerably less money to make war. Most of the oil money goes to a few people who are in control. The majority of the people in the oil rich countries remain poverty-stricken and greatly resent the way the cash flow does not improve their lives.

For every dollar we spend on gasoline or oil, a significant portion goes to companies paying taxes in foreign countries. In much the same way that it hurts our country to lose jobs to foreign corporations, our economy suffers greatly when we buy foreign oil.

The U.S. population consumes an incredible amount of energy. For most of us, mobility is necessary to live our daily lives. We drive to work each day; chauffer our children from place to place, and rely heavily upon rental and company cars for business travel. In a more perfect world, mass transit or bicycles would be much better, but with frequently changing jobs, nomadic lifestyles and hectic schedules, these options are hardly practical.

Many people complain about the price of gas, the war and the terrorists who are funded by oil money. Instead of enabling the situation, let's make some changes for the better.

Now is our chance to make a difference for our country and the future of our economy. How can you help? Exercise your American buying power!

Boosting the fuel economy of our vehicles can dramatically reduce foreign oil consumption. We don’t have to be as dependant on foreign oil as we might think. Just lessening our oil and fuel usage even a small amount will help. Buying products made in the USA can reduce our dependence and keep the money and jobs in our country. is dedicated to helping reduce the amount of oil we use through the development of environmentally-friendly synthetic lubricants. What are some synthetic oil-based products that will prove economical for your cars, trucks and machinery parts while being kind to the environment?

- synthetic engine oil
- synthetic racing oil
- synthetic motor oil
- biodegradable hydraulic oil
- transmission fluid
- synthetic polymer food-grade grease
- suspension fluid
- oil and air filters
- gas stabilizers

As we move into an economy that includes developing countries with needs that will soon exceed the USA, reducing oil use is even more important. If you're the kind of person that takes a great opportunity when it is offered, you can get started now. For more information on a full line of technologically-advanced, superior-performance synthetic oil products, visit Buy American, and make a difference for your country's economy and for future generations to come.

Copyright 2005 Steve Danielson. All rights reserved.

About the author:

Steve Danielson has over 35 years of experience designing, building, repairing, operating and owning machinery including autos, heavy trucks, RVs, construction, sawmills, concrete, mining systems and farm equipment. Learn more at

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