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Is Your Car A 'Lemon'?
by: Ted Rossio
Sooner or later we all must buy a car. And when we can, we buy them brand new.

However, most of us are stuck having to a buy a used car from a dealer or private party at some point. The downside to this is that you can get a car that at first seems like everything you ever wanted, but soon becomes your worst nightmare.

What I have come to learn is that by the time that you begin to realize that you have a lemon on your hands, it is usually too late. The car has already outlived its 90 day warranty which is often filled with loopholes for the dealer anyway. What does this mean for you? If you're like most people, you're thinking to yourself, "it means you're screwed." However, read on.

Most people who buy their cars used know that dealers set up their agreements in terms that will serve only their best interests. Buyers also assume that there is really nothing that they can do in order to get the most out of their money.

But that couldnít be further from the truth.

In fact, there is a lot that you can do to protect yourself even after you have bought yourself a lemon.

Thatís right: as a buyer you do have rights as well.

In fact, there are laws that are designed to protect you should you find that you get stuck with a bad car and a terrible dealer.

Did you know that now is the best time to buy a car? There are very large cash rebates, dealer discounts and employee discounts offered just about everywhere.

The recent major drop in the car industry had forced many people to steer away from buying new cars and also has prompted some of the best discounts ever from the dealerships. You need to do some online research before hitting the dealership and it could save you money and headaches.

Websites like, Edmund's Automobile Buyers Guide, Autolink, Autopedia, Kelley Blue Book and are just some of the sites that are currently giving up to date pricing information on new cars.

You should however make note of the dates when each rebate is set to expire so that you can take advantage of these special offers.

When you are looking for the best prices, you want to visit several different Web sites when researching pricing information for the obvious reasons.

Everything from sticker price to customer rebate information may vary from site to site. It's wise to cover all the bases. Whenever you are in doubt, contact an auto manufacturer directly.

When it comes to the basics behind the lemon laws, knowing the basics can be the difference between whether or not you get screwed or get the chance to recover the money that you spent on the car.

The state and federal statutes offer a wide array of relief for consumers who get stuck with a bad car or truck after they buy.

At the same time, these statutes provide buyers with the chance for recovery of costs and attorney fees which are a strong incentive for attorneys who would like to take up the cause on behalf of unhappy lemon owners.

"Lemon laws" basically outline all of the procedures that are used in order to settle these sorts of new car problems.

These lemon laws differ from one state to another, but lemon laws in general are designed to provide the owner with a refund or replacement vehicle should this problem occur.

For example, some states mandate a refund or a new car if a large enough problems cannot be repaired within four tries, or if the car has been out of service for around a month within the first year or 12,000 miles driven.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule, such as; some states only provide you with the chance to make one attempt for significant safety related issues such as the brakes or steering.

Some states do not even stop with just providing lemon owners with either a refund or a new car. Some of them will, in fact, also let you recover any sort of attorney's fees that you have to deal with during your pursuit of getting some satisfaction from your purchase of a lemon.

It is always good to know that you can get some sort of return on your money when you buy a lemon. It happens so often that eventually there was bound to be some laws protecting the buyers.

What is sometimes sad about the lemon laws is that they do not necessarily help you. It all depends on your specific situation.

About the author:
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