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Best Negotiating Tips When Buying An Used Car
by: Robert Smith
Being a good negotiator doesn't have to be difficult. Sooner or later everyone has to negotiate with someone if they want to get a good deal on a purchase.

When you are trying to negotiate with a car dealer, you should know that they are very practiced in the art already. You will need to know how to get through their car speak in order to be successful.

Since you now know how to calculate your offer and already know what the dealer paid for it, you should get a copy of the paperwork from a friend that recently bought a car, so that you can become familiar with what you will see on your paperwork. They are all generally the same.

If you've followed the above mentioned tips, you will also be pre-approved for a loan. The key is for you to get in and out of the dealership as quickly as possible because the salesman will definitely find more loopholes to up your charges if you stay.

Here are a few tips to successful negotiating.

Remain positive and confident

Don't talk down to your opponent

Show up prepared and ready to counter anything that may come up

Bring ads from other dealerships with you as an extra weapon

Finance your loan before you arrive at the dealership so as to avoid paying unnecessary extra fees

Bring a friend with you for extra support

Something that you should look out for from salesmen is the extra little tricks that you will likely encounter that will try to force or rush into a buying decision.

You have to remember that they are trying to negotiate you into paying more money just as you are trying to negotiate paying less. Here are some of the things that you can expect to hear from them.

1. These cars are flying off of the lot. It may not be available for the same deal tomorrow. (Threaten to leave and they will ease up and try to change their strategy)

2. This deal is only good for today. If you come back tomorrow I can't guarantee that the deal will be the same.

3. I'm an honest man. Look at how many cars I've sold this weekend (This is where he will show you his list of sold cars. If he does this, then tell him that he doesn't need your money).

4. I hate to tell you this but I have another offer on the table from a man that is willing to pay more money than this. I am just waiting for his paperwork to be returned. (Tell him that if he promised the car to someone else, you don't want to step on someone else's toes and that you should leave then).

5. To cover the overhead costs, we have paid $13,000 for this car (Just check your paperwork in your folder and prove them wrong).

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