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Women's Small Business Expo, Palms Springs
by: Tatjana Luethi
I didn't really know what to expect other than what I had read on the Women's
Small Business Expo web site
and what Linda Hollander, the founder, had conveyed to me during my first
women networking event in Beverly Hills about two months ago. In short, it
was phenomenal! I'm glad I attended the 3-day seminar in Palms Springs, CA
at the end of April 2004. First, I really didn't think I was going to go given the
fact that most of my time and money were dedicated to my company, which I
officially registered about 4 months ago. In fact, because my business was
just born, it actually made sense for me to attend.

It was my first business seminar ever. So far, I've mainly seen and heard from
my husband how he thinks business should be done, but I have a complete
different view. Consequently, you really can't discuss your visions with
someone who doesn't share your approach on how to do business. As a
result you start doubting yourself after a while, right? You start doubting
yourself because you don't know any more than what lies within the barriers
of your daily environment. You can't really know anything different unless you
get to taste a glimpse what lies beyond those barriers. No one is going to
break those barriers for you. You have to do it yourself. So I did.

There were approximately 10 speakers present, talking about strategies in
marketing, power networking, risk taking, financing, success, internet, media
approaches, and getting your product on the market. The overall feel of this 3-
day seminar surprised me. I expected some boring lectures on business, but
instead the speakers had filled the room with an unspeakable energy and
vibe. 200 women were captured by the words of extremely motivated and
inspirational speakers. It was unbelievable!

I profited the most from the Women's Small Business Expo to see how other
women think, feel, talk and go about business. I was so happy to see that in
fact my attitude and approach to business wasn't that far off from other
successful women. In truth, I'm rather proud of myself considering how quickly
I had built my own firm and product while others were still talking about what
they were going to do. My doubts had all of a sudden disappeared, and were
replaced with confidence and heightened self-esteem, motivation and the
urge to move on. I met a group of people who shared my vision, a group of
women who thought like I did.

In summary, I would definitely recommend Linda Hollander's Women's Small
Business Expo if you need a touch of confidence, motivation and inspiration
on a level that encompasses the mind, body and spirit. You are not only
setting up amazing business relationships, but you will also find friendship.
Part of the seminar was to create a success team with people who you
connected with over these three days. You will talk to your success team on a
weekly bases to support each other in reaching everyone's business goal
and get to the next level. As we all know so well, the whole is greater than the
sum of its parts.

It was a fantastic experience and it took me a whole day to settle back into
reality after four days in Palms Springs amongst all these amazing women I
had met during that venture. Thank you, Linda, for having arranged this
fabulous event and gathered such a great group of people. You allowed me
to go beyond my daily environment and get a glimpse into a whole other
world...the world of women in business

About the author:
Tatjana Luethi is the founder & President of ZEITGEIST USA
"Unique. High-end. Limited. Leather Handbag Design"
Visit her site to find out how to become the owner of her unique, limited
Ph: 310 663-6898
Fax: 310 391-9735

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