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Where to Find Free Fleet Maintenance Software -
by: Jennifer Bailey
Costs of fleet maintenance software can vary widely. It is generally expected that the fleet manager will look at the needs of the company to determine what software package is best suited for their particular needs. Depending upon the size of the company, number of vehicles to be maintained and services of the company, you may be able to locate free fleet management software for your needs.

One software program, Dossier32, is available for a free download. The vendor of Dossier32 is Arsenault Associates. This free fleet management software requires an operating system of Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT in order to properly function. Since this is a free version of their fleet management software, it is limited to maintaining 5 vehicles. This free version is ideal for small companies with a few vehicles to track. For companies with a larger number of fleet vehicles, this free version may be a good way to try the product before it is purchased.

Many other companies offer a free trial of their product. Though the free fleet management software trial is generally limited to 30 days, many companies offer the full version for your review. Taking advantage of the free trials companies offer is a very wise decision. You want to be sure you are very comfortable with the software and that it is easy to navigate and manage. Taking the time to examine your options can save frustration and additional costs in the future.

In the full versions of the free fleet management software trials, you can perform all of the functions as with the purchased version. A company can track and maintain maintenance reports, fuel economy and the location and status of each vehicle. This is ideal for small companies that are working on a limited budget. When working within a budget it is imperative to be comfortable with your software choice before making the purchase. Changing software in the future can cause problems with transferring records, downtime while upgrading or changing and the learning curve associated with learning a new system. The companies offering free fleet management software understand that it is an important decision and that is the reasoning behind offering free trials.

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