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Questions to Ask your Venue
by: Fiona

My name is Fiona Fagan and I am the editor for Irelands Busiest Wedding Website. I hope you like the article and want to publish it on your fantastic site.

Warm regards
Fiona Fagan

Questions to Ask your Venue - by Fiona Fagan of Ireland's Busiest Wedding Website

Prior to putting a deposit on any potential venue, you should always ask questions, and if necessary get them to put it in writing. Here are some questions you might like to ask when visiting a possible venue.

What are the arrangements for greeting guests as they arrive?
Is there a drinks reception?
What is included in their Wedding packages?
Is there complimentary accommodation for the bride and groom?
Is there any reduction for wedding guests accommodation?
Are there special reductions for off peak times, i.e Mon - Thurs, Nov - Feb?
How do they display and organize the table plan?
Are Place name cards included?
Are menu's supplied? How many per table?
What flowers/decorations/Centre pieces are on the tables?
Do you provide flowers for the top table?
How much can you incorporate your colour schemes into the room?
Can you instruct them on setting the tables? Are there any restrictions?
Will there be somebody to put out the favours/table accessories?
What types of Cake stands do you have?
What type/shape of tables do you have?
What ideas do they have for placement of the tables/top table?
Do they do a table plan printout?
Can the hotel play music from a CD, or is there piped music in the hotel/venue complex?
What time will the meal be served?
Do they come around with more vegetables during the meal?
Will there be tea or coffee served after the meal?
How much wine will be needed?
Do they allow you to bring your own wine? How much is charged for corkage?
Is there a vegetarian option?
Is there a children's menu?
What wine would suit your chosen meal?
When should the cake be left in, and where is it stored?
What time is the wedding cake served?
How much of the wedding cake is cut?
What is the best time the evening reception guests should arrive?
What time do you put out the evening reception food?
Is there a limit to the amount of evening guests you can invite (room size)?
How long after dinner/cutting the cake will the room be ready for the band?
How do we confirm our booking?
Payment - What percentage is paid before, and after the day?
How many rooms are allocated to the wedding party?
When do they ask for final numbers?
What costs are incurred if the numbers differ on the day?
Is service charge included in the overall price?
What is hotel policy on weddings? i.e one wedding a day.
How many waiters, bar staff are assigned to the wedding reception?
Bar extension, how to go about setting it up?

About the author:

Fiona Fagan Editor, Irelands Busiest Wedding Website.

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