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The Lamps in Your Home!
by: Mike Yeager
A lamp is more than a light. Lamps allow the owner to set mood and too add to the design of a room. They are very functional and sometimes the only source of light in a room. Floor lamps are very popular these days, but table lamps are still bought and used as well. There are many types of lamps, and of course they come in many styles and colors to fit anyoneís home.

A lamp is a statement of taste. Lamps can be soft and inviting or bright and useful. They can have a decorative lamp shade or a glass bowl shaped top. Floor lamps are often tall, thinly shaped lamps that bring light to a large area by cupping the bottom of the bulbs and forcing light up. Table lamps tend to force the light down and out to lighten up a smaller, more intimate space. But, that doesnít mean that you canít find a lamp that fits your needs as well as your tastes. In fact, you can even custom order lamps and lamp shade to match your desired look.

But, before you decide to make that decision, check out the lamps in department stores and specialty stores. While most home improvement stores offer a wide variety of floor lamps, hanging lamps, and table lamps, you can find an even larger selection in a lighting store. These stores are few and far between due to the overtaking market of home improvement stores. But, check the yellow pages for your area lighting store and you should find a few. There you will be in awe of all the different options you have. There will be choices in every style imaginable. If you still canít find what you are looking for, check catalogs and even the Internet. Specialty stores nationwide will ship lamps and accessories to you.

Adding some extra light to your home may have been your initial quest when trying to find a lamp, but you will soon see that there is more to look for in a lamp. The design will fit your home and the color should match your home. The details on the lamp or lamp shade can even be found to match your furniture, tables, or other items in your home. Finding a great lamp is a fun adventure into the world of lighting.

About the author:
Mike Yeager

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