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The Benefits of Used Air Compressors -
by: Steve Valentino
As a cost-saving measure, it is possible to purchase or rent a used air compressor. This can be an option for both homeowners and contractors.

Used air compressors generally function as well as new devices. Air compressors can be a significant part of a contractor’ or homeowner’s budget and buying used can save tons of money. Most of the used air compressors on the market have been reconditioned or refurbished. This basically means that a company or individual has taken a used air compressor, tuned it up, fixed any problems and tested it for quality. In most cases, however, no warranty or guarantee is made on the product. This is probably the most effective method in which one can buy an air compressor for a significant discount. Used air compressors typically have a lifespan of several hundred hours. The used air compressor that you buy may have only had ten or twenty hours of running time and should still have plenty of life left in it.

A really great idea, especially for homeowners, is renting an air compressor. You can usually find used air compressors for rent at hardware stores and home improvement retailers. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a new or used air compressor, when you only need it for a few small jobs, renting an air compressor is perhaps the most cost effective means. These stores usually charge a minimal fee, depending on the number of hours or days in which the equipment will be leased.

By performing some online searches, you can generally get a good idea of prices on used air compressors. Experts suggest that you compare brands instead of comparing store-to-store. Prices on brands can vary greatly and doing some thorough research can save you hundreds of dollars. You can certainly buy a used air compressor online or from a local venue that carries the devices.

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