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How to Make a Slip Cover -
by: Eric Morris
You’ve decided to remodel your home. You’ve chosen the paint, the flooring, and even the decorations to match. Next to all of your new stuff, your furniture looks old. And ugly. Funny how you never noticed those stains or loose threads before. Problem is, you’re almost out of money. You definitely cannot afford new furniture. Someone suggested new slipcovers, but you didn’t like the ones off of the rack. And you can’t afford to have them custom-made. So, now what?

Do you just have to suffer in silence, to live with all this ugly furniture messing up your renovated home? No, no, no -- make your own slipcover.

If you have any sewing skills at all, you can probably do this. This is a relatively easy task for even an intermediate seamstress. There are many books out there explaining exactly how to make a slipcover. Fabric stores also offer basic patterns and projects for slipcovers to fit all types of furniture. A search on Google or another search engine for, “How to make a slip cover,” will uncover many sites with detailed directions.

Home improvement magazines also sometimes have articles about making slipcovers. If you check the online archives of some of these magazines, you are sure to find at least a couple of helpful articles.

You can also visit the library and browse through the back-issues of the home improvement magazines.

If you have decided to create your own slipcovers, your first consideration should be material. Not the pattern on the material, but the fabric itself. If your furniture receives daily use, you will need to pick a fabric strong enough to handle rigorous wear. Denim, canvas, linen, chintz, and tacking are all good, solid choices for this project.

Once you have found instructions and have picked out a strong fabric, you’re on to the fun parts. You can pick whatever colors and designs best suit you, your home, and your furniture. In no time at all, you will have new slipcovers -- and a truly redesigned home. Then you will be the one to explain how to make a slip cover.

About the author:
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